Explains the power-saving modes of Apple AirPods when not in maximum use

When Apple unveiled AirPods Max last week, it was revealed that they do not come with an on / off power button, but enter an “ultralow” power mode when inserted into the included smart case. A lot of questions have been left about what happens to battery life when exiting a smart case and not being actively used. However, today Apple has given some surprising answers to those questions, suggesting that the smart case is not as necessary to preserve battery life as previously thought.

According to Apple, when odAirPods Max is unloaded, but not inserted into its smart case, they enter “low power mode” five minutes after the left is stabilized. If left untouched, they remain in this low power mode for three days, after which the headphones enter an “ultralow” power state that disables Bluetooth and helps maintain their remaining charge. Their Find My Location to do. Updated overnight, from Apple’s AirPods Max support document:

If you set your irAirPods Max and leave them stable for 5 minutes, they go into low power mode to conserve battery charge. After 72 steady hours from the smart case, your PAirPods Max goes into a low power mode which turns off Bluetooth and turns on MyFind MyH to conserve battery charge.

Apple has also clarified how AirPods Max behaves when placed in their smart case, and discovers that the same two different low-power states are involved, but capable at different times Huh. The first “low power mode” is activated immediately upon entry, but the “ultralow” power mode doesn’t really kick in the smart case until 18 hours later.

If you keep your irAirPods Max in a smart case when you are not using them, they immediately go into low power mode to conserve battery charge. After 18 hours in the smart case, your hoursAirPods Max goes into an ultraviolet power mode which turns off Bluetooth and turns off MyH and maximizes battery life.

Ir Airpods Based on this description of max-power-saving modes, it appears that the headphones enter the same “low power mode” when placed down in the smart case and left alone for five minutes. is. However, the same “ultralow” power mode that activates after the P AirPods Max is left in the smart case for 18 hours, when it takes a full 72 hours to kick them out of the case.

Testing conducted by Apple before the above information is provided MacRumors It has been suggested that the ra AirPods Max battery only slightly drains the battery drains when left out of the case – a difference that is likely to be down for a longer time for the “UltraLow” power mode, which activates when Headphones are not in smart case.

Considering the seeming arbitrariness of these sleep mode activation times, the main route is that in the short term, there is no benefit to minimal power savings, instead of just putting irAirPods Max in the smart case just setting them down Is for. Desk and do not touch them. But if you don’t plan to use them again for the next 18 hours, that is when putting them in a smart case, otherwise the “ultralow” power mode will take three days to activate, until the battery drains. Probability is much more important.

को Given the confusion that follows the power-saving features of the AirPods Max, some users have speculated that Apple may be able to add power-off functionality to physical controls through future software updates. Is there anything you would like on the current situation? Tell us in the comments.


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