Explain the movement of the list when the Cubs change the backup receivers

Chris Gimenez is inside.

Víctor Caratini is out.

Gimenez will not be the personal receiver of Yu Darvish.

OK, we all reach each other?

It's much more complicated than that, but those are the three main points of the first plays on the Cubs' list on Saturday afternoon when they re-clbadified Caratini to Triple-A Iowa, remembered the veteran Giménez and appointed First baseman Efren Navarro to give space to Gimenez on the roster of 40 players.

Then, about 45 minutes before Saturday's game began, the Cubs announced that they would place Darvish on the disabled list with tendinitis of the right triceps.

Giménez, 35, has been Darvish's friend because he was the pitcher's personal catcher with the Texas Rangers in 2014.

Darvish's last two starts have been solid, but overall he's had problems since he signed a $ 126 million contract with the Cubs before the season. Many thought that Giménez could help the dynamic starting pitcher feel more comfortable.

The Cubs also faced losing Giménez on June 1, the date of exclusion in his contract if he were not called to Major League Baseball. by that point. So the Cubs were on the clock.

"It has nothing to do with [catching Darvish]," Maddon said. "I can sit here and try to explain that and I think there will be skeptics, it has nothing to do with that, it's about Caratini's development."

"This is something we talked about in spring training. It does not mean that Gimmy could not reach it in the future, but this movement was based exclusively on Caratini and the fact that Gimenez is available, veteran, can sit on the bench in a way that you do not feel that you're hurting. its development "

Maddon managed Giménez with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2012-13 and knows he can jog the official in the outfield, first base or even on the mound.

Gimenez also has 9 appearances in his career as a pitcher. , including 6 last season with the Minnesota Twins, where he allowed 4 runs in 5 innings.

Still unsure of how he will be used, but is ready for anything, including providing moral support to injured Darvish. [19659015] "From top to bottom, this is a clbad organization," Giménez said. "Nothing but clbad." They treat you with respect, with dignity and it's fun to be able to experience that here now, it's still your dream, no matter how old you are. You have

"Any day you spend here is a blessing and I am grateful for it. I'm excited to do whatever they want. I'll be a cheerleader, I'll do whatever they want me to do. "

Of course, he's been watching each of Darvish's openings with a Cubs uniform.

" I would not do it "" I'd be a good person if I did not I would have done it … I will send a text message some things here and there and apparently it did not work very well ", joked Giménez" I hope I can encourage him and he will solve it. It will be OK.

"I know it's almost June, but I think there's a bit of that grace period that we all do not have." I want to have, but you have to have it, meet guys. Spring training is one thing, but when you get out here in real deal, it's a little different.

"I think he'll eventually change for him and he'll be fine, I'll be here to have fun, to do it."

The Cubs think they have the most talented catcher in baseball at Willson Contreras, so It was hard to sit down and find time for Caratini, 24 years old.

Caratini started only 8 games at the catcher this season and 5 at first base when Anthony Rizzo got injured last month. He has had only 69 appearances on the plate and only 13 trips to the batter's box since May 8.

With extra extra days added to the calendar this season plus the unexpected days due to rain, the Cubs have been able to rely on Contreras more than they expected in spring training.

This week is a perfect example, where the Cubs were free on Mondays and Thursdays, then a one-day game on Friday, a night game on Saturday and then a night game on Sunday, so that Contreras could play 5 games that They had the Cubs this week while they rested a lot.

The Cubs do not have much depth of capture in the system beyond Contreras, Caratini and Giménez, and it would have been foolish to let Giménez leave the given organization with Darvish and the high probability that the receivers of injuries face each other regularly.

Gimenez has 9 years of experience in the Major Leagues with 361 games under his belt, but said he had no problem staying patient waiting for the call. Chicago

"Really, you take it one day at a time and if it happened, it happened … If it was not like that, I also understood it," Gimene said. "I'm sad for Vic because I do not think he deserved it. and I feel that he has done a great job here.

"But a little knowing that this is something that could happen and that he will continue to develop his career."

The Cubs have praised Caratini's principles regarding his attitudes and work ethic, but neither do I. I want one of your best prospects (who hit .342 with a .951 OPS in Triple-A last season) just rot on the bench while trying to keep up with the expectations of the World Series awarded to this team.

"Not playing enough Caratini really hurts me," Maddon said. "That bothers me a lot. And he needs to play, so we have to get him out to play again. Something will happen here where we need it most consistently.

"You know it's likely to happen or if he does not, simply losing a year of development for him is really very sinful, so we wanted to get him out to play and know he'll be back here relatively soon."

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