Experts say we are close to COVID-19 vaccine as testing continues

As we hurry to get a vaccine, progress is progressing quickly.”The progress that is being made on vaccines under President Trump’s historic Operation Tana Speed ​​is historic,” said Alex Azar, secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

But, there has already been a setback. Last week, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca halted trial of its vaccine after a participant allegedly developed a rare inflammatory condition.”The news that there was a serious adverse reaction that prevented testing, one of the most promising vaccines, about which we had heard a lot, is exactly the way we have to take things carefully with vaccines. They are not toys.” Are, “he said. President and President of Access Health International William Haseltine.

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At the same time, the CEOs of nine pharmaceutical companies promised high standards of safety and efficacy through phase three of the clinical finals. It shares the public’s concern that haste may mean risk.

“We’re about to regain the trust of that community when we say something is safe and effective,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

According to the FDA, phase one would typically involve a group of 80 people to study the safety and side effects of the drug.

In phase two, a large group of a maximum of 300 people helps determine security and by phase three, more than 3,000 people will be involved.

But, in the case of COVID-19, the sample size is ten times as many as 30,000 participants. The larger the sample size, the more experts can collect data to determine if the vaccine is working.

“If it wasn’t an epidemic, if it wasn’t a disease of almost catastrophic public health effects, so far, we can give time to get results,” Associate Professor of Molecular Virology and Microbiology and Medicine Boiler Dr. Hana said. El saheli

Houston-native Christine Kimmel is attending one of the conferences. The 46-year-old has received two injections, one last month and one at the end of the week.

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“I had a little bit of injection pain on site, like you would feel with a shot,” Kimmel said.

He said that he liked it very much. He was not told whether he had received the vaccine or placebo.

As to why she chose to participate, she said she did it partially for her two children. As a family, they have spent time together to give back to the needy.

“It’s an unprecedented time,” she said. “I needed to show them that there is another way and that meant taking my arm out and taking an injection,” she said.

Researchers said vaccines may take ten or more years to develop. ‘Operation Tana Gati’, the government’s partnership with private manufacturers, was created to make that process much faster.

The operation was started in May and was targeted to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine by January of 2021.

To do this, Congress has directed approximately $ 10 billion for the effort.

“I think by the end of the year we will have data on a 30,000-person study for three of the Operation War Speed ​​vaccines,” said Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, Boiler Drs. Peter Hotz said.

Dr. Hotez says that when a vaccine was talked about by Election Day, he was not seeing it, nor did other doctors.

“If all of this sounds really promising, we could potentially release vaccines by the middle of next year,” Hotez said.

While some are concerned about a vaccine, Hotez says it is all about the process.

“Any vaccine that goes through the full approval process by the Food and Drug Administration, I would not hesitate to take that vaccine myself or give it to my family members,” Hotez said.

As part of the ‘Operation Warp Speed’, manufacturers are already making a vaccine, although tests have not yet been conducted.

Secretary Azar assured ABC13 that the drug would only be delivered when the FDA went ahead.

“Only once has the FDA determined that they meet the FDA for vaccine safety and efficacy, which will be made available,” said Secretary Azar.

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