Experts say the CDC testing requirements for UK travelers are like ‘a chain link fence to ward off a mosquito’

Starting in the UK on Monday, passengers will have to perform a negative Kovid-19 test within three days of flying to the United States.

According to the statement, “Today, President Trump is taking another step to protect the health of the American people.”

There is a concern here about coronovirus variants

But according to researchers at the CDC’s Kovid-19 response team, testing three days before a flight is not much possible – reducing the risk of spreading the virus by only 5 to 9%.

An infectious disease specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Paul Offit said the new testing requirement is “like fencing a chain link to keep mosquitoes away.”
The CDC’s order acknowledges that “testing does not eliminate all risks,” but when combined with other measures such as self-monitoring to relieve symptoms, masks and relapses, it can make travel safer . ”

Kovid-19 tests often miss recent infections, so a person can test negative and actually get infected because they are not shedding enough viruses to detect.

Researchers think that hundreds & # 39;  People in America may have new UK coronavirus strain

Dr., an infectious disease specialist from the Baylor College of Medicine. “The test is going to be missed by many people,” said Peter Hotz, who reported that the new version appeared in the UK three months ago and is already likely in the United States.

On the other hand, according to a November report by CDC scientists, the test may be more effective on the day of departure, reducing the risk of transmission from 37 to 61%, based on mathematical modeling and not peer reviewed. is.

Health officials are eager to spread the UK variant, which is more easily transmitted than other coronavirus viruses.

The CDC did not respond to requests for comment for this story.


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