Experts say that herd immunity is not a method for coronovirus epidemics

Freeden was recently responding to attempts to promote herd immunity as a response to Kovid-19. The idea is being pursued by people eager to prevent the economic damage caused by the epidemic.

Senior White House officials discussed a controversial announcement written by scientists advocating such an approach in a conversation with reporters on Monday.

But 80 scientists around the world wrote in an open letter, “The idea is a dangerous inaccuracy unsupported by scientific evidence” that risks significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. ”

“Any infection anywhere is potentially a danger elsewhere because even if you feel fine and have no long-term consequences, without problems, you can spread it to someone who dies.” We are all watching. Country, “Freeden said.

Freeden said it is impossible to avoid spreading to only the vulnerable. According to the letter, running the virus is likely to lead to a recurrence of the epidemic because there is no evidence that people are protected long after they are infected, according to the letter.

The best way to achieve widespread immunity, Freeden said, would be through a vaccine.

“The concept (of herd immunity) actually comes from vaccines,” Frieden said. “When you vaccinate enough people, the disease stops spreading, and it can be 60%, 80%, 90% for various diseases.”

Huge impact across the country

New cases have improved across the country in recent times, suggesting that a predicted second wave has arrived.

According to the state’s health department, South Dakota recorded its highest day increase on Wednesday with 876 new cases. State Health Secretary Drs. According to Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania has registered at least 1,000 new cases for nine consecutive days.

CDC optimistic coronavirus vaccines will be released by the end of the year

Kentucky Village. Andy Beshear told reporters Wednesday that he thinks the state is in its “third uplift” of the coronovirus.

And with increasing cases, Missouri admitted to a record 1,413 hospitalizations from the virus on Tuesday, according to the Missouri Department of Health.

As cases have increased in Tennessee, the virus is having a greater impact on older residents, and people in rural populations are doubling the death rates of those in urban areas, Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Pearce announced Wednesday.

“That means it’s no longer limited to younger people or college-going students who are out and about, it’s killing those of us now, and they’re at higher risk and therefore I think it is important for you to note this, ”said Pierce.

“I want people to clarify the fact that those of us who just know about our normal daily lives and where they live need to be looked after,” Piercy said.

Political leaders and other officials at risk

The daily behavior of some politicians has been affected as they were exposed to the spread of the virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday, transmission after President Donald Trump contracted the virus is not a risk, but there may still be people around him.

Beyond Masks and Social Distances: How to Stay Healthy and Wise During This New Boom (While Still Enjoying Fall and Winter)

“I can’t voucher for anyone else – whether they have been tested or have been careful in their interactions with people,” Fauci told CBS Evening News anchor Nora O’Donnell on Wednesday.

He also warned that just because the president did well after his illness, it does not mean that others will experience the same.

State leaders in Tennessee and Indiana are now having their interactions with the virus.

Indiana State Health Commissioner Drs. Christina Box said Wednesday that she, an adult daughter and 23-month-old grandson, tested positive for Kovid-19. The Health Commissioner said that she participated in contact tracing but explained that she is not in close contact with anyone except her closest family.

And Tennessee Village. Bill Lee said he hoped to be tested “on a regular basis” over the next few days following the news that a member of his security detail tested positive.

Thanksgiving meetings

Gathering around the table for Thanksgiving meals may be “a sacred part of American tradition”, but Fauci told O’Donnell that the holiday might look very different this year.

“You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering, unless you are very certain that the people you are working with are not infected. Either they have been tested recently , Or they are living a lifestyle. They said they have no interaction with anyone except you and your family.

& # 39;  Hunker down & # 39;  Fall Kovid-19 boom is here

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said during a meeting with the country’s governors on Tuesday that small gatherings were becoming a major source of coronovirus outbreaks. The audio of the call was received by CNN.

“What we see as a growing threat right now is actually the acquisition of transition through small domestic ceremonies,” Redfield said. “Especially when coming up with thanks, we feel that it is really important to emphasize the vigilance of these continuous mitigation steps in a domestic setting.”

Professor of Medicine at George Washington University, Drs. Jonathan Rainer said Wednesday that he would advise people not to have an indoor Thanksgiving dinner with others not in their home.

“If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country where the weather will be moderate in November, do an outdoor thank you. (But) I think … those places in the country where winter comes early, I think Is that you have to be really careful, “Rainer told CNN’s” New Day. ”

“Next year is going to be a lot better. Let’s get through this, and let’s get through this safely.”

CNN’s Shelby Lynn Erdmann, Steve Almaci, Christina Maxoris Raja Razek, Lauren Mascarenhas, Jennifer Henderson, Rebekah Rees and Gisela Crespo contributed to this report.


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