Experts find mysterious blue hole in the Great Barrier Reef; this discovery will leave you excited


Great Barrier Reef

An aerial view of Vlbadof Cay in the Great Barrier Reef is seen on November 14, 2012 in Cairns, Australia.Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Here is some good news for marine lovers. Experts have discovered an ancient hole in the Great Barrier Reef that could give some exciting information.

Recent studies showed that the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, is severely damaged. In fact, a leading environmentalist/writer Rowan Jacobsen said that the reef in Australia pbaded away in 2016.

But now marine biologist Johnny Gaskell has made a significant discovery. Gaskell discovered a giant blue hole in the famous reef and recently he dived 65 feet down into the hole and found out stunning healthy coral colonies. This is a rare discovery, especially, when the environmentalists said that one of the natural wonders of the world was severely damaged by the climate change.

“This Blue Hole has previously been described by geologists who suggested it could be even older than the famous Great Blue Hole, in Belize,” Gaskell wrote on his Instagram post and shared a photo of the blue hole.

“Its location is in one of the least explored parts Great Barrier Reef, over 200km from Daydream Island. To get there we had to travel overnight for 10 hours and time the tides perfectly… Was well worth it!”

“Inside the walls was similar to the site we explored a few weeks back, but this hole was deeper and almost perfectly circular. We dived down to just over 20m yesterday, before hitting bare sediment, that slowly sloped towards the centre. Again it was great to see big healthy coral colonies.”

Gaskell had made the discovery with fellow divers Joe Egan and Richard Poustie. He spotted the deep blue hole on Google Map and then decided to explore the area.

“At around 15m – 20m deep there was huge Birdsnest Corals (Seriatopora) and super elongated Staghorn Corals (Acropora) both of which were among the biggest and most delicate colonies I’ve ever seen,” he wrote in a post on Instagram in September.

Great Barrier Reef

Oliver Lanyon, Senior Ranger in the Great Barrier Reef region for the Queenlsand Parks and Wildlife Service, takes photographs and notes during an inspection of the reef’s condition in an area called the ‘Coral Gardens’ located at Lady Elliot Island and 80 kilometers north-east from the town of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, in this June 11, 2015 file photo.Reuters

Great Barrier Reef

A man snorkels in an area called the ‘Coral Gardens’ near Lady Elliot Island, on the Great Barrier Reef, northeast of Bundaberg town in Queensland, AustraliaREUTERS/David Gray/File Photo

The Great Barrier Reef

Aerial views of The Great Barrier Reef are seen from above on August 7, 2009 in Cairns, Australia.Phil Walter/Getty Images

The Great Barrier Reef

Aerial views of The Great Barrier Reef are seen from above on August 7, 2009 in Cairns, Australia.Phil Walter/Getty Images

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