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Exclusive: former congressman Harold Ford Jr. fired for misconduct by Morgan Stanley

Former Democratic congressman Harold Ford Jr. was fired for misconduct by Morgan Stanley after facing a human rights investigation into allegations of misconduct, a company spokeswoman confirmed.

"He has been fired for conduct inconsistent with our values ​​and in violation of our policies," a Morgan Stanley spokeswoman told HuffPost in an email.

At least one woman, who is not an employee of Morgan Stanley but interacted with Ford in a professional capacity, was interviewed by the human resources department of Morgan Stanley as part of the investigation.

In two interviews with HuffPost, the woman alleged that Ford harassed her, intimidated her and grabbed her by force one afternoon in Manhattan, prompting her to seek help from the building security guard. The incident took place several years ago when it was assumed that Ford and the woman would meet for professional reasons. Ford continued to contact her after the meeting until she wrote an email asking him to cease contact.

The email, which was reviewed by HuffPost, shows that the woman sent an email to Ford after he repeatedly asked her to drink. She asked him not to contact her again, citing her inappropriate behavior the night he grabbed her and harassed her by force. Ford responded to the email by apologizing and agreeing not to contact her.

HuffPost does not identify the woman at her request, but has reviewed the emails confirming her interaction with Ford and spoke with two people the woman confided about the incident. A woman found out by Ford's accuser the night of the incident and described her as "distressed, shocked and scared", and said she was concerned about the ramifications of her career if she reported the incident.

Ford comes from a prominent political family in Tennessee. His father, Harold Ford Sr., held a seat in Congress for 12 terms before retiring, leaving his son to run for the seat, a race he easily won. Ford served in the House for almost 10 years before deciding to run for the United States Senate seat vacated by Republican Bill Frist. Ford lost that disputed 2006 race by less than three points to current Republican Sen. Bob Corker.

Since leaving Congress in 2007, Ford has worked for two financial services companies, first for Merrill Lynch and then Morgan Stanley, which he joined in 2011 as CEO.

At the time Morgan Stanley announced the lease, The New York Times described Ford's role as a kind of rain generator: " Mr. Ford will be responsible for "generating business opportunities" for clients, said Morgan Stanley, "He will manage relationships with corporate directors, senior executives and institutional investors, as well as with private clients."

Ford also serves as a paid political analyst on the air for NBC / MSNBC and regularly appears on the MSNBC show "Morning Joe."

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