Excess demand, selling

Cactus Jack sent his fans to McDonald’s, and Travis Scott showed up more to order food than anticipated.

A week after the rapper and fast-food chain collaborated with the nationwide launch of the meal, some restaurants were running low on key ingredients, including quarter-pounder beef, bacon, chopped onions and sliced ​​salads, according to a McDonald’s memo obtained by USA Today on Tuesday Huh.

McDonald said in a memo sent to employees, owners and operators, “We have created a program that is so compelling to our customers that it is expanding our world-class supply chain, and if demand continues at these levels , Then more restaurants will break supplies. ” Across the country.

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The $ 6 Collab meal, which features a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, a medium order of fries with BBQ sauce and sprite, was scheduled to be available through October 4.

The promotion will continue, but to start the Travis Scott meal from September 22 for $ 6, it has to be ordered through the McDonald’s app.

McDonald’s confirmed that the supply shortage was due to heavy demand, with the upcoming promotion shift to App-Only and other details mentioned to USA Today in the memo.

“In fact, it’s so lit up that some of our restaurants have been temporarily sold out of certain ingredients in the meal,” the chain said in a statement to USA Today. “We are working closely with our suppliers, distributors and franchisees to influence the restaurants as soon as possible.”

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On Wednesday, McDonald’s will start selling Spicy Chicken McGarts and a one-day buy-one-free deal called “SpiceSurence”, a promotion that was previously planned and will only be available on the app.

The collaboration marks the first time a fast-food chain has made a celebrity meal in nearly 30 years. In 1992, McDonald’s served Michael Jordan.

McDonald said in the memo, “With the launch of Travis Scott Food, we broke records on our social channels. Since then, extremely positive feedback has continued, even exceeding our highest expectations.”

The memo included the ways in which customers were ordering food, some that were part of marketing and social media content, including, “Say Cactus Jack sent you.” Other variations include: “It’s lit, Diademode,” “First man burger,” or “You know why I’m here” was often said while playing Travis Scott music.

The memo stated that Scott and his team also designed custom costumes for the McDonald’s crew and that “shirts will be coming to the restaurant from September 25.”

McDonald’s quoted the memo as saying, “What we have learned from this promotion will be carried forward to the upcoming activities.” “While some restaurants may see a temporary limit on supplies, it is a short-term pain that will certainly benefit in the long run.”

Previous collaborations with Scott have also been popular. In April, Fortnite hosted the rapper in a performance that attracted more than 12 million concurrent players.

McDonald said in his statement that he “was more surprised by the soon-to-be arrival of Cactus Jack.”

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