Excess demand delays the opening of the first medical marijuana store in Montgomery County


WASHINGTON – Medical marijuana patients in Maryland appropriated all available supplies in the first two days of operation at the first Montgomery County dispensary: ​​Potomac Holistics in Rockville.

Without adequate supply, the installation will not open as planned on Sunday and can not be opened as scheduled on Monday.

"Demand has remained very high," said Potomac Holistics owner Bill Askinazi. "Our products have been depleted with a minor exception for certain particular strains."

The facility and seven others throughout the state received the same amount of supplies from the 15 authorized growers in Maryland. Askinazi said that Potomac Holistics sold the five pounds of medical marijuana plus numerous cases of tablets and elixirs.

"We could probably have sold, without exaggeration, triple the 5 pounds, if we had it," said Askinazi.

avoid bothering patients, Askinazi said the facility would remain closed on Sunday.

"People come from all over the state, so we do not want them to waste time here," Askinazi said. "So we're going to publish it on our website and if we receive a product, we'll open it." If we do not get the product, we wait until we get the product and then we open it. "

More supply is expected, perhaps mid-week, to keep patients waiting to be out of Friday's sales and the Saturday

Askinazi said he also expects an extended product line in the coming weeks to include cannabis and vape oils.

"There are people here with multiple sclerosis, with diabetes, neuropathies, cancer and swearing by cannabis. , "Askinazi said." They have been waiting for much more than another week, some have been waiting five years or more. "

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