Exactly how many steps you need to take a day to lose weight

If you have decided to get serious about your weight loss goals, then you already know that focusing on staying healthy and exercising more are the two major things when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She comes. When you talk about dropping those pounds, you can simply ignore another important step. And he is walking.

Yes, the steps you take every day are a major component of not packing on extra pounds!

And it is as important as the time when you cannot be with your normal routine. And if you’re looking for more tips to keep you on track, here are the 21 best healthy cooking items.

But how many steps do you need to take every day to gain weight?

You’re probably thinking that you know this- 10,000 steps. This is known as the lucky number, right? Well, this number can actually be very less.

See, a study published in 2017 The International Journal of Obesity Actually he found 15,000 steps every day That is the exact amount you should take.

So how did researchers at the University of Warwick in England come to these conclusions? Well, he compared the lives of postal workers to mail carriers and found out that postal service workers who walk at least 15,000 steps (which cover about three hours or seven miles), the Normal Body Mass Index (BMI) Were. , Waist measurement, and metabolic profiles. They were also effectively the only workers No risk for heart disease. On the other hand, employees who sat the most each day (sometime up to 15 hours) had higher waistline, higher BMI, blood sugar control and higher cholesterol levels and had the highest risk of heart disease .

Big takeaway here? Workers who walked at least 15,000 steps had the lowest body mass index, waist measurement, metabolic profile, and lowest risk of heart disease.

But before you adopt the only way to improve your health, you can change the path of career, do not get too far ahead of yourself. The study found a positive finding for people who do desk jobs where you are sitting for most of the day: Almost any amount of walking A worker’s chances of having a large waistline and other risk factors for heart disease decreased.

Can you ensure that you are taking enough steps?

Think of it this way – your minimum goal should be closer to 15,000 steps a day, which is equivalent to 2 hours of brisk walking. So how can you get there? After work, consider taking a walk 20 minutes earlier, And At lunch time. In this way, you are getting fresh air three times a day, which is very good for your mental health, just to step away from work. During the day, consider doing a 2-minute loop around your office or home every 30 minutes. Even walking up and down the stairs is a great way to get your feet up and reduce sweat a bit.

Meeting that daily goal of 15,000 steps not only improves your health, but because it helps increase your metabolism, you’ll be able to efficiently avoid gaining any unwanted pounds. Time to walk!

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