Ex-MacAskill staff launch PAC to block Hawkley’s electoral ambitions

“Josh Hawley has no shame and put his personal ambitions ahead of America. JOSH PAC will work to ensure that Holly will never win a second election, ”the source said.

PAC, which raised $ 15,000 in just a few hours on Friday, will launch with three former MacAskill campaign employees: Travis Mockler, Thomas Hatfield and Zoe Gallagher.

Hawley was the first senator to announce he would be involved in House Republican challenges in the election; A dozen other senators announced plans to object to Electoral College certification after Hawley. After rioters vandalized the Capitol last week, Hawley voted not to authenticate Arizona’s results and also objected to Pennsylvania’s certification. He condemned the violence of that day.

But media outlets, former generals John Danforth (R-Mo.) And donors have all been instrumental in Howell’s role in challenging the election, the day a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol. The subsequent Congress invasion led to five deaths and desecration of the building.

Comparing his efforts to overcome Democratic challenges in elections, Hawley has been largely inaccessible. One big difference: Democratic candidates won those elections, while President Donald Trump was fighting to reverse the election last week.

Kelly Ford, a Hawley spokesman, said: “We hope Claire Maxkill and her team are as effective with the campaign as they were last. They wasted more than $ 60 million in 2018 and were defeated – by Missouri After Claire MacAskill failed. Liberal policies. “

McCaskill was unaware of the formation of Jose Pac, a source familiar with the effort said.

Hawle too Defended his actions in an op-ed this week.

Howley wrote in Southeast Missouri on Wednesday, “Many members of the media and the Washington establishment want to deceive Americans into thinking they instigated violence, which raised concerns about violence.” “But democratic debate is not violence. This is really how we avoid that violence. “

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