Ex-HHS chief Kathleen Sebelius says Trump administration deserves credit for vaccine progress

Sebelas told CNN’s John Burman on Monday that initial data suggests Operation Warp Speed ​​has been a huge success, which is in a very rapid phase of vaccine manufacture. Effective against coronavirus, the second such promising vaccine news from a major US company in a week.

But, Sebelius said, “The terrible news has worked like nothing else, and the federal government has moved away from every other piece of the puzzle.”

Sebelius said she gives too much credit to the Trump administration for realizing “the federal government’s muscle, funding from the federal government, urgency from the federal government,” makes a huge difference. Modern and Pfizer have built on a potential vaccine.

However, Sebelius said that she wishes that such federal leadership “was implemented from day one across the board to create protective equipment, ensuring that health care personnel get the help and support they need,” To ensure that we are uniform, how to close, how to open, communication, messaging and set of guidelines across the country. “

According to company data, the modern coronavirus virus vaccine is 94.5% effective

He also blamed the Trump administration for blocking a smooth transition for the Biden administration during the country’s “very, very dangerous times”, particularly as the Kovid-19 cases are steadily increasing across the country.

Soon after Morden released the news of his promising initial data on Monday morning, President Donald Trump took credit for it on Twitter, saying the vaccine “all happened on my watch!”

While Modern took research and development funding from the Trump administration and worked under the National Institutes of Health Oversight, Pfizer developed its own vaccine independently, although a $ 1.95 billion advance for future distribution of vaccines under Operation War Speed Took payment Some experts with whom CNN said last week that the Trump administration’s purchase guarantee may have contributed to the pace with which Pfizer reached its promising initial results were announced by the company last week, though they were certainty We could not say how much influence the administration had.

Investigating the fight for debt on Factor's vaccine announcement

Sebelius stated that in addition to the president and his administration, it is up to the United States Senate to assist in Kovid-19’s response.

“The Senate has the key to the palace right now,” Sebelius said on Monday.

“The Senate can actually pass a bill that gives Americans some confidence that they will get financial aid, get an additional $ 600 in unemployment benefits, again make sure people understand they can feed their children and if we Some are if they can pay their rent. To restrict activities in the regions of the country. And they have the ability to step up to their president and say, ‘You need to act differently, you have to elect Must accept and conduct a smooth transition, ”she said. “So, I really don’t want to let (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell off the hook.”


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