Ex-Facebook employee makes explosive claims that tech giants ignore political manipulation around the world: report

One whistleblower claims that Facebook ignored evidence that fake accounts were used to undermine elections and political affairs around the world, according to Buzzfeed News, to junior-level employees of arbitrary police masculine activity Was left for.

Citing “an explosive memo sent by a recently fired Facebook employee”, Buzzfeed News reported on Tuesday that the now-former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang “misrepresented fake accounts or himself in Azerbaijan and Honduras” To give a concrete example of heads of government and political parties. ” public opinion

The bang report, titled, “‘I Have Blood on My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignores Global Political Manipulation, “Zhang’s memo was written after reporters Craig Silverman, Ryan Mack and Pranav Dixit wrote.

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“In countries including India, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador, she found evidence of coordinated campaigns of varying sizes to promote or hinder political candidates or results, although she did not always conclude that they had Who was, ”the report states. .

Zhang refused to speak with Buzzfeed News for the piece.

Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois said in a statement, “We have worked with specialized experts to prevent malicious systems from misusing our systems, resulting in the removal of more than 100 networks. ” The work involved is what these teams do as their full-time remits. Working against coordinated inhumane behavior is our priority, but we are also addressing spam and fake engagement problems. We carefully examine each issue, including Ms. Zhang, before we take action or go out and make claims publicly as a company. ”

Facebook did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for additional comment.

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Zhang reportedly wrote that she was “caused international news on numerous occasions” by several national efforts to “abuse our platform extensively by foreign nationals to mislead her citizens.”

She claimed that her role on Facebook allowed her to make the decision “without affecting the national presidents who made the decision” and implemented actions against several “prominent” politicians worldwide that she had lost.

“In her post, Zhang said she did not want her to publicly fear fear of disrupting Facebook’s efforts to prevent problems surrounding the upcoming 2020 US presidential election, and concerns about her safety.” Do not go. Buzzfeed News is publishing parts of their memos which are clearly in the public interest.

Reportedly, Buzzfeed did not publish the entire memo, as it contained personal information.

“I know I still have blood on my hands,” Zhang reportedly wrote.

The memo is a damaging account of Facebook’s failures. This is the story of Facebook responsible for malicious activities on its platform, which could affect the political fate of countries outside the United States or Western Europe. This is a story raising the extraordinary moderation powers of a junior employee who affects millions of people without any real institutional support, and the personal suffering that follows, “Buzzfeed reporters said in Zhang’s memo” among the biggest revelations ” Some added before listing.

Zhang’s list includes claims that:

  • It took Facebook officials nine months to take action on a coordinated campaign using fake assets to promote Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez
  • The ruling party in Azerbaijan used thousands of fake assets … “to harass the opposition en masse.”
  • Facebook removed 10.5 million fake reactions and fans from high-profile politicians in Brazil and the US in the 2018 elections
  • A NATO researcher informed Facebook that he “received Russian inhumane activity on a high-profile American political figure that we did not catch.”

Zhang’s memo reportedly refers to “inhumane activity” as “a Facebook term for engagement with bot accounts” and coordinated accounts.

Buzzfeed also noted that Zhang’s memo claimed that inhuman activity was discovered in both Bolivia and Ecuador, but it was not prioritized by Facebook, with the Spanish Ministry of Health’s Facebook during the Coronavirus epidemic ” Coordinated manipulation “and helped prevent a politically sophisticated network. More than a thousand artists working to influence “local elections” in India.

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Zhang said he turned down a $ 64,000 severance package from Facebook to avoid signing a non-disclosure agreement, according to Buzzfeed.

According to Buzzfeed, the memo wrote, “There was a lot of abusive behavior happening around the world, which was left to my personal assessment of what kind of work to pursue, how tasks could be recorded and prioritized.” Can be done. ”

“With nothing that happened, I was left in a situation where I was confident with immense influence in my spare time … On the strategic response a manager told himself that most of the world outside the West was effective Roop was wild West with himself as a part-time dictator – that statement was meant as a compliment, but it put a lot of pressure on me, ”he continued.

The lengthy report details many more of Zhang’s claims, including the use of a “largely fake account network that was used to augment and manipulate information about COVID-19.” ”

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She reportedly criticized Facebook for spending too much time focusing on spam, and was told that resources were limited when she urged Facebook to crack down on “election-related malicious activity” and other similar issues.

Allegedly Zhang wrote, “I was told that Facebook would no longer require my services.”

She was fired earlier this month and shared the memo on her last day, according to BuzzFeed.