Former Ohio State badistant soccer coach Zach Smith was arrested Thursday for allegedly violating a protection order, according to jail online records.

Smith was arrested Thursday afternoon by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and entered the jail shortly after 6 p.m. He had not been released on Friday morning, according to online records.

According to a summary of the events provided by the sheriff's office, Smith was arrested after police received calls that he had become "confrontational" when trying to pick up his children at Scioto Ridge Elementary School around 3 p.m. WBNS-TV in Columbus reported that the civil protection order presented by his ex-wife, Courtney Smith, prevented Zach Smith from picking up children before 6 p.m.

Violating an order of protection is a misdemeanor in Delaware County. Smith was expected to be processed on Friday morning.

In this September 16, 2017 photo, Ohio State badistant coach Zach Smith watches before the start of an NCAA college football game against the Army in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State placed the soccer chief, Urban Meyer, on administrative leave Wednesday, August 1, 2018, while investigating allegations that his wife knew of the domestic violence allegations against Smith, years before Smith was fired the week pbad. (Marvin Fong // The Plain Dealer through AP) (Photo: The Associated Press)

In a statement provided to WBNS-TV, Courtney Smith's attorney, Julia L. Leveridge, said that "this was not the parenting time ordered by Smith's court, and that the school is not the place of exchange."

"The school staff tried to protect Courtney by placing her in a room away from Mr. Smith," Leveridge said in part of the statement. "After entering elementary school, Mr. Smith was involved in an altercation with school personnel who initially contacted the police."

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In a multiple statement news mediaZach Smith's lawyer, Brad Koffel, called the arrest "an utterly malicious measure of his ex-wife" and accused her of not allowing the children to see him the night before, which, he said, constituted "being in contempt of the court".

Leveridge said in his statement that "no court has found Courtney in contempt of any court order."

Zach Smith was fired by Ohio State last summer due to a series of domestic abuse allegations brought against him by Courtney Smith. The Buckeyes later commissioned an independent investigation into the allegations and how they were handled by then-coach Urban Meyer and others in the administration. Meyer was finally suspended for three games, and retired at the end of last season.

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