Ex-49er Dana Stubblefield sentenced to 15 years

San Jose, California. (AP) – Former San Francisco 49er Dana Stubblefield was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday for raping a disabled woman.

Mercury News reported that the conviction was denied by a San Jose judge for a defense motion for a new trial. Last week, a sixth district court appealed that a petition filed on behalf of Stubblefield by the lawyers concerned was dismissed.

In July, a jury found 49-year-old Stubblefield guilty of raping the woman with a gun threat. He was also convicted of forcible oral intercourse and false imprisonment. He has been in the Santa Clara County Main Jail since the verdict.

Stubblefield began his 11-year lineman career in the NFL as the league’s defensive rogue in 1993 with the 49ers. He later won NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors in 1997, before being dropped from the team for Washington. He returned to the Bay Area to finish his career, playing with the 49ers in 2000-01 and the Raiders in 2003.

Prosecutors said that the day before the April 2015 attack, Stubblefield contacted a 31-year-old woman on a child seating website and arranged an interview.

According to a report by the Morgan Hill Police Department, the interview lasted for about 20 minutes. She later received a text from Stubblefield, stating that she wanted to pay him for that day, and she went back home.

Reportedly, after raping her, Stubblefield gave her $ 80 and let her go. The woman immediately went to the police and reported the rape. The report states that DNA evidence matches Stubblefield.

The defense lawyers argued that there was no rape and the woman agreed to sex.

Alan Sawyer, one of Stubblefield’s trial lawyers, said the defense team was barred from showing strong evidence to the jury that would have supported the dispute.

After he was sentenced on Thursday, Sawyer asserted that the jury rejected two felony charges stating that Stubblefield exploited a woman who was mentally incapable of having sex.

“We proved it, and the jury found that it was not true,” Sawyer said. “That false narrative corrupted this trial from beginning to end.”


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