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Ewan McGregor’s wife, Eve Mavrakis, about the divorce statement of actor “Fargo”: “It’s disappointing”

Eve Mavrakis, wife of Ewan McGregor, has expressed dismay after the "Fargo" student filed for divorce from her.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Mavrakis said he finds McGregor's divorce presentation "disappointing and annoying." While it seems that Mavrakis is still suffering from their separation, she told the British publication that her main concern is that her four children are doing well.

According to TMZ, McGregor cited "irreconcilable differences" in ending his 22-year marriage to Mavrakis. The 46-year-old actor wants joint custody of his three youngest children: Jamyan, 16, Esther, 15 and Anouk, 6. But Mavrakis, who presented his response at the same time, seeks exclusive physical custody of McGregor to obtain visits. The oldest daughter of the couple, Clara, is already 21 years old.

McGregor is willing to pay spousal support. Regarding the properties of the couple, the sources told the website that the two do not have a prenuptial agreement, so the assets should be divided among them.

The date of separation appears on May 28 of last year, five months before The Sun published photos of McGregor kissing his "Fargo" co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead at a café in West London. "Ewan and Mary Elizabeth were there together and they seemed relaxed in each other's company," one witness told The Sun last October. "They were immersed in a conversation and they were there together for over an hour, and when they left, they climbed into the back of Ewan's motorcycle and left together."

For her part, Winstead announced her separation from her husband, writer Riley Stearns, in May. "We have decided to continue with our marriage, but we will continue to be best friends and collaborators during all our days," said the actress an erased Instagram photo since he kissed her now, ex on the cheek. "We're still on horseback or we die, just in a different way now, I always love you, Riley."

In FX season 3, "Fargo," McGregor played the double roles of brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy. Nicknamed the "Minnesota Parking King," Emmit is a successful businessman, while his younger brother, Ray, is a probation officer with financial difficulties. Meawnhile, Winstead played the fatal woman Nikki Swango, a recent parole and Ray's fiancée. At the premiere of the season, McGregor and Winstead shared a steaming bath scene.