Evil romance scammer who modeled himself after Trump, ‘Love Fraud’ hunts

TThose women Betrayal of love There are many features to describe Richard Scott Smith. “Sleazy” is one. “Scumbag” is another. “Saliva” and “cheat” and “con man” are also frequently employed. So when Carla, a Kansas City bounty hunter who tracks down the fugitive for a bail bond service, calls her “one piece o ‘shit,” well, it’s not a big shock.

Still, a lot of jaw-dropping wonders Betrayal of loveThe latest (from acclaimed directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady)One of us, Jesus camp), Which can be described as a manhunt populated by people leaping from an Elmore Leonard novel. Ewing and Grady’s four-part showtime series (Sunday, August 30) tells the wild story of Smith, a professional grifter who steals women’s hearts and then takes their money, ruining their reputation, and Leaves them in tigers. He is a female male, preying on those whose love for love has left him vulnerable to deception, and he is the main target of Ewing and Grady’s non-fictional effort, throwing a fairness out of the air into a unique Takes the deal. After being discouraged by Smith as his subjects, the director chooses not to be a passive observer to his story, with Smith’s victims teaming up with forces to track him down and bring him justice.

Betrayal of love This is thus not only a portrait of a misogynistic villain, but a real-time chase by Smith-exploited people – who turn up in turn by Rick, Scott and Mickey, and whose record is 10 Social Security numbers and dozens of homes Lists the address and phone of. Number. Smith is a serial hunter, and although Betrayal of love It begins with a recurrence of her romance with Tracy, and Ellen, and Sabrina, it quickly expands to reveal the countless more girlfriends, fiancées, and wives who have fallen into her trap (some of whom marry her at the same time Was doing). Its use, it turns out, was simple. With an abundance of charisma and sensibility, and using online dating sites as his favorite destinations, Smith envisions middle-aged, middle-class women eager for a relationship, pleasing and bathing them Forced full-court pressure. With love opposed, and promised him that he would make his dreams come true. To do so, he often claimed that he was about to receive a major medical malpractice settlement – a lie that both excited his colleagues (as it meant that the lap of luxury was imminent) and led him down his guard Caused to go and grant it. Interim access to your own funds.

No sooner had he gotten his hooks in Tracy, Ellen, Sabrina, Sandy, and Jean – often through pious marriages – Smith’s personality would change and he would disappear, saving his ex-partner’s life in tow . Jean says he made off with upwards of $ 700,000, though in most cases, Smith was a small-timer, enough to sustain his lifestyle (the next plan would be for new motorcycles, trucks, and capital. with). However, Smith did not count, but it was that one of his victims would create a blog that would leave him as a rogue thief. That online compilation of crimes — and a forum for discussion — helped to unite with the women he abused. It also attracted the attention of Ewing and Grady, who soon became involved in Smith’s search, around the same time they decided to document it.

Betrayal of love There is an astonishing mixture of cinematic storytelling of expression and first-person activism, while discarding any notion that one should stand behind the camera from the people they are filming. Ewing and Grady’s formal approach is incisive and provocative, drawing figures in narrow gates and tight close-ups to express their isolation and in situations that close all walls, or provide snapshots of main streets and storefronts at night To describe how to do. Smith’s hobby for quiet, non-narrating small town hunting grounds. They also embellish their action with bloom, popping pop art-infused pop-up book-style collage animation sequences, which further capture the spirit of their subjects, especially Smith, whose statement about childhood The regular silhouette is set to populated gloomy scenes for the cut. -outs.

Through these instruments, as well as cheek-closing credits songs (“One Way or Another,” I Don’t Care “), Ewing and Grady Smith afford insight into whose duplicate cut-and-run modus operandi Born to be raised with a father who abandoned her (and then remarried and started new families), and a mother who abused, abandoned, and then kidnapped him. In that context, it No wonder Smith turns out to be a creep who loves to swoop into the lives of women and then bolt into the dead of night with the contents of his bank accounts. Still, Betrayal of loveSmith’s prudence is not a translation of sympathy, reserved for those he robbed and, in the case of Sandy and ex-wife Michelle, physically assaulted. The fact that law enforcement is not overly concerned about Smith (his crimes are regarded as relatively petty) further binds the directors to his former flames, not to mention his ire against Smith. Before long, Ewing and Grady’s own voice is heard in phone calls, being investigated by Carla, a fat brat who is elated as he scares her.

Before long, Ewing and Grady’s own voice is heard in phone calls, being investigated by Carla, a fat brat who is elated as he scares her.


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