Evidence collected by federal investigators Capital rioters attacked police

Body camera footage from DC police, testimony from law enforcement officers and social media posts from rioters are all out of date in federal court documents, portraying a full picture of law enforcement and hand-outs between supporters of former President Donald Trump during the violent are doing. The rebellion that he instigated on 6 January.

According to court documents, the officers were beaten up with whatever the rioters had, according to the American flag and a fire extinguisher. Scratches and sores near broken glass. Some rioters hurled punches, while others inflicted verbal insults on the police.

An American Capitol police officer, Brian Siknik, was killed during a scuffle. More than 100 other police officers were injured, including members of the Capitol Police and Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department. At least 15 officers were hospitalized after the rebellion.

Federal prosecutors have already charged dozens of people who allegedly participated in the riots, but the most serious charges have come against those involved in the attacks on police. And hundreds of pages of new unsolved court documents tell a frightening story.

A Texas resident who is facing charges allegedly incited the mob before entering the Capitol through a broken window. According to court documents, “he said” if you have a weapon, you need to get your weapon, “and” this is not a peaceful protest.

Prosecutors say a retired Pennsylvania firefighter, Robert Sanford, 55, threw a fire extinguisher at a group of police officers on the west side of the Capitol. The fire extinguisher hit three officers in the head, including one who was later sent to the hospital for medical evaluation.

Sanford’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment. He told the Associated Press that his client “got caught up in the mob mentality.”

In another incident, Arkansas resident Peter Stagger seated a DC officer with a flag bearer, who according to prosecutors was holding an American flag. Court documents described a harsh scene where the officer was dragged to the ground and surrounded by rioters.

Stagger told an FBI tipster that he felt he was attacking a member of the violent leftist group Antifa, even though photos from the scene clearly showed the officer wearing a police vest. A lawyer for Stager did not respond to a request for comment.
Separately, another group of assailants surrounded a DC police officer and repeatedly stabbed him in the neck, causing a heart attack. Officer Michael Fanon previously recalled to CNN that he begged the rioters to save his life. He said, “I remember I had children.”
CNN previously reported that many US Capitol police officers felt betrayed by their leadership, with officers left in previous positions during the attack, badly unpublished and largely boycotted by a Trump supporter. Officials told CNN that they overheard coworkers pleading for help, both for specific emergencies encountered and to plan a bigger picture to retake the Capitol.

Hand pie

Some participants in the riot were armed with bear spray and other weapons. Others simply surrounded the building and climbed the statues. But for the first time since the War of 1812, federal forces inside the Capitol found themselves busy in hand combat.

A defendant, Mark Leffingwell of Seattle, was allegedly involved in a shootout with police.

US Capitol Police Officer Daniel Amendola wrote in an affidavit the day after the rebellion that Leffingwell attempted to push me and other officers. “When they were prevented from moving into the building, Leffingwell punched me repeatedly with a closed fist.”

A lawyer for Leffingwell did not respond to a request for comment.

Some scuffle got out of hand. While an officer tried to stop the rioters from entering the Capitol through a broken window, he fell to the ground, according to charging documents against a father and son who arrived in D.C. from Delaware, “Glass Was covered in the shadow of “.

Another rioter warned police inside the Capitol that they should stand down if they did not want to be hurt by the crowds of Trump supporters coming, according to court papers.

Bodycam footage included in a criminal complaint showed the attitudes of police officers who were flocked by dozens of rioters. According to court documents, some of the rioters referred to “f — cops,” even though many carry “thin blue line” flags, which are associated with groups that usually argue that liberals Law enforcement is unfairly attacked by.

A black police officer previously told CNN that “there was a lot of racism” from Trump rioters, and he was called a racial slave and a nuisance by some attackers.


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