Everything I saw on her social media canceled me

loved one: My friend would come from California for a family funeral and asked if I and another friend would like to stay together overnight in that friend’s cabin.

Harriet Cole

I agreed, as I have been watching social media and noted how they are reacting by wearing masks. I thought that maybe the plane ride here would be a high-risk situation for my friend; However, airlines are making sure people wear masks.

The cabin owner’s friend said that yes, my California friend went ahead and invited another friend without my input. I love this other friend, but, looking at her social media, I don’t see her practicing safe social distance. In addition, she has two children who are physically going to high school and sports.

Because of this I have decided not to join the overnight crowd with all three friends.

Do I have to be honest about why I’m not going? We have a family member who is seriously ill, so I can explain the reason for this. But I’m baffled by how it’s handled and not sure what to do next. Thanks for any help.

Two most friends, not enough space


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