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Every Major Tech Company Will Have Its Own Cryptocurrency in the Next Two Years, Say Winklevoss Twins

In a recent interview with CNBC, the Winklevoss twins said that other large technology companies will launch their own cryptocurrencies in the wake of Facebook's Pound. In general, they are pretty sure that Libra will succeed.

Despite the tumultuous relationship between the Winklevoss twins and Mark Zuckerberg, the duo is now congratulating Facebook on its planned cryptocurrency. Libra, which is expected to launch sometime in 2020, has yet to overcome all the necessary regulatory obstacles that may be required.

According to the Winklevoss twins, all Calibra must do to ensure that Libra is a mbadive success is to work with the regulators, instead of avoiding the problem.

Libra will be a success

"Talk to them," Tyler Winklevoss told CNBC, "if you make mistakes in regulation, you can stifle innovation, but the right regulation allows innovation to thrive, and we believe we have struck the right balance with New York."

The exchange of twins, Gemini, is fully authorized in New York and has been able to issue its own insured currency, the Gemini Dollar. Because this is a new industry, Winklevoss says that there are still many explanations today. "Ask for permission, no pardon," he says.

The Libra is, in some way, competing with the Gemini Dollar. However, Libra will be linked to several fiduciary currencies, while the Gemini Dollar is only linked to USD. The Winklevoss twins were open to see a Bitcoin-Libra or even a Libra-Gemini couple in the future.

Winklevoss also predicts that within two years all large technology companies will have their own cryptocurrency project. Libra will undoubtedly set the standard.


The twins Winklevoss remain optimistic in Bitcoin

In general, the twins are optimistic about Bitcoin. Always calling Bitcoin "gold 2.0", they repeated their bold affirmations in this recent interview. "Until it has a market capitalization of $ 7 billion, which is the size of gold, it's a very undervalued badet, so I think people are realizing that," Tyler said.

At this time, the goal of Gemini is simple: expansion on a global scale. According to the twins, the exchange is focusing on its mobile application and will add more cryptographic badets by the end of the year.

Do you think that Bitcoin can achieve a valuation of $ 7 billion like gold? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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