Every Known Xbox Series X Launch Problem

As with every console generation, the Xbox Series X has some problems for early adopters, and is known here by now.

Whenever one day new technology picks up, there is always a risk that something fundamentally wrong with the hardware is going on. Most of the time, these are minor things that fans don’t really have to worry about or can easily accept, but after some time, they can be a real problem. There are also people who get hardware without any flaws, and this is just the Russian roulette game of day-to-day hardware. This is no different for recently released PS5 and console like Xbox series x.

Both consoles play host to a variety of day-to-day problems according to this standard fare. For Xbox Series X consoles, it appears that full games range from nuisances to de-syncing controllers such as crashes or shutdowns. It is also worth noting that being aware of these launch problems is incredibly important, but also something fans should always try to verify. For example, many people bought the “Smoke” Xbox Series X hoax with little research into it, despite many claiming that the smoke does not look like it due to an electrical problem. In fact, it turns out that someone just blew vape smoke in their Series X console, and Microsoft also released a statement on the matter.

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Xbox Series X Problems

Xbox series x shutdown

Many reports of the Xbox Series X are just closing. Usually, it seems to happen when loading a game, but not directly because of the game. It happened with everything Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Service Ori, And so far, Microsoft has not yet released a statement here. Hopefully, this is something that can be fixed with a system patch and is not an actual hardware flaw, but for now the only resolution is booting it back and hoping that it is not causing long term damage If it is a hardware trouble.

  • Similar news is also caused by play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, With the problem here (but not in every discontinued instance) that the Xbox One version of the game is installed. Players will need to ensure that they upgrade to the Xbox Series X version Black ops cold war To avoid a shutdown while playing.

Xbox Series X controller not pair with de-syncing and console

Some users are experiencing an issue where the controller appears to disconnect from the Xbox Series X during use, and does not reconnect the two using the pairing button. Increasingly, the problem may lie in the controller, which, once again, a patch hopes it can fix. However, the exact reason is not pin-pointed, but there are some easy fixes. Players can try hardening the Xbox controller to the console, wait about 3-5 seconds, and then unhook it, and it will be working again. If without a USB-C port or if it does not work, resetting the console fixes the problems.

Xbox series x current 4K display

When attempting to play with selected HDMI 2.1 TVs at 4K resolution with 120HZ and VRR support, some players may receive a “no signal” or “corrupted image”. No workaround has been identified at this time, though making sure the TV is updated and playing with those specific settings may help.

Xbox series x weird noise

There have been some reports of strange noises coming from the Xbox Series X, although in all reports, it should be noted that no mechanical failure or other serious issue has been identified by a single noise. For now, fans should keep an eye on the noise and seek acknowledgment from Microsoft.

Xbox Series X Releases App

Microsoft has acknowledged issues with remote play, PeacockTV, BBC iPlayer as well as capturing screenshots and recordings. There are no known improvements for them at this time, but they should be fixed, at least with regard to capture and recording, with an update scheduled for this November. In addition, attempting to watch a DVD or Blu-ray will sometimes result in a black screen, which should fix a console restart.

Xbox series x disk drive noise

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery and Quick Resume

The game may not be recognized as fully installing the game as a result of the smart delivery title, usually caused by transferring the game from an external hard drive to the SSD. To fix this, fans must restart the console.

Some titles are also not resuming quickly in the correct manner, and Microsoft is working on a fix. Some titles have been disabled while trying to fix this title.

Xbox Series X “Something went wrong. 0x800708ca”

The above error message when launching them affects some games. The best fix is ​​to uninstall and re-download the affected title.

Xbox Series X Headphones Game / Chat Audio Mix

Some third-party headsets will not allow players to adjust the game / chat audio mix when paired with the new Xbox Series X controller. There is no fix yet, but players can still adjust the audio mix through the Xbox on-screen guide.

Xbox 360 backward compatible games are not working on Series X

Launching Xbox 360 games on Series X is forcing some users to return to the dashboard instead of playing the game, and to fix this problem, fans will need to clear Xbox 360 storage. This can be done via Settings> System> Storage> Clear Local Xbox 360 Storage.

Xbox Series X Early Adopters shouldn’t worry too much

As mentioned above, each console launch has unit faults and launch-like looks. As much as the reports seem, there are other possibilities as well, which have been found to be working without fault. The Xbox Series X console has small nuisances and a decent variety of choice, but hopefully, these are fixed in the next few weeks and months. If faced with a problem that seems to be serious (or even minor), the best thing to do is to contact Microsoft early adopters.

Xbox series x / s currently available.

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