Everspace 2 is available soon

Spacecraft robber shooter Everspace 2 is moving away from the early access zone for its scheduled mission today. For the sequel to their Ragulike spaceflight game, Rockfish Games are cracking Everspace 2 in an open-world RPG. The full game is expected in 2022, but you can hope in the cockpit right now if you want to see how it is coming together.

The original Everspace used to pass along early access, so it is a familiar flight plan for developers. Now that they are shooting a larger game with more complexity, Rockfish says that they are eager to get fan feedback once again as development continues on the sequel.

“The early version is good for at least 25 hours of gameplay, while introducing pilots to the core gameplay mechanics of Space Combatation, Exploration, Mining-Solving, Traveling, Trading, Itemization, Crafting, Ship Customization, Player and Partner Perks. As well as five different player ship subclasses, ”he says.

In its early times, Rockfish has projected 12–18 months, with Everspace hoping to add new content to the 2nd quarter release. Those updates are planned to bring more of everything, it seems, from the new star system to new enemies, ship subclasses, enemies, jobs, and factions.

Although it was a different genre game, Brendan Caldwell (RPS in pieces) says in RPS’s Everspace review that it was a “better-than-average dogfighting sim”. It was quite good to see. The sequel appears to play that tradition if nothing else.

You can find it on Steam Early Access and GOG Games Inn for £ 32 / $ 40 / € 38 in development.

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