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Even the powerful Premier League must bow to the power of America's stupidest sport

Although I am a big fan of European football, I am even more a fan of the massive and striking demonstrations of American exceptionalism. And what better exhibition of the EE. UU In all its decay and self-esteem from the sun spots that we have our biggest and most foolish sport that nobody else cares about ruining the game of a great game in the most popular sport league in the world?

Above is a screenshot of today's game between Tottenham and Manchester City, but only because of the aspect of the pitch that you would be forgiven if you thought it was a home game between the Kansas City Wizards and the Tampa Bay Mutiny since 1997. That's because of Wembley Stadium. , the temporary place (?) of the games in Tottenham's house, was yesterday the host of one of those silly games of the NFL of London, this one between the Jaguars and the Eagles. It was a strange, distracted and hilarious show to watch the game. For example, try to see Raheem Sterling fight his way to the penalty area of ​​the Spurs and set up Riyad Mahrez for an easy goal without thinking in the head, while Sterling approaches the end zone, He could! To go! Everyone! The! Path!

Not only does the tone seem silly (although the lines help with offside calls …) with all the soccer lines, it also plays like shit. The ball was moving everywhere since, obviously, the gardeners could not put the grass back in a pristine form in such a fast turn. This was an accident, too. When the Jaguars-Eagles game and the Spurs-City game were scheduled, Tottenham was supposed to have finished building his new stadium. However, the process of building the new Kafkaesque stadium has caused numerous delays. When no one could accept a suitable alternative, they went ahead by keeping the game at Wembley and playing a day after the NFL game. What was bad for the millions of fans of the Premier League who cared about this game, probably bad in an absolute sense, but it was great for connoisseurs of monuments of neoliberal rot.

Photo: Clive Rose (Getty)

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