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Even in his hometown, McDonald’s is becoming an unknown face

Sterling Bay

Render of the developer of the future McDonald's headquarters in the Fulton Market district of Chicago.

The transfer to one of the most modern parts of the central city from one of the most leafy corners of the suburbs; the evolving menu, which is aimed at presenting ingredients such as cage-free eggs and fresh meat; a renewal not only of their restaurants and customer experience, but of their own understanding of who their clientele is: at McDonald's Corp. many things are happening today, as a recent check-in is revealed of the Chicago magazine.

Making as many changes as it did under British Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook, without alienating his central client, makes the company move a little bit on the tightrope, and with his Dow

DJIA, + 1.21%

stock of components

DCM, -1.05%

24% in the last year and in a practically uninterrupted execution of several years, is a high-level act, in fact.

Here is the president of McDonald's domestic operations, Chris Kempczinski, stating that the company's speed is not mere impatience:

This is the reality of the world in which we live . Customers do not expect McDonald's to catch up with their needs. We have to do it so that McDonald's adapts to their needs instead of asking the customer to adapt to ours. "

Chris Kempczinski, McDonald & # 39; s

Kempczinski joins Chicago magazine to point out the demolition and reconstruction of what is probably the chain's most visible location (along with its No. 1 store in the suburbs of Des Plaines, Illinois): the so-called Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll McDonald's, in the River North section of Chicago, as a kind of metaphor.

The award-winning magazine of the city reports: "In [place of a kitschy tourist magnet] a modernist solar energy structure designed by Carol Ross Barney will emerge that looks more like a peace garden than a joint hamburger." Instead of music memories, you'll find walls of living plants, replacing their emblematic yellow arches with birch banks. "

The home page of the architectural firm's website features an illustrative representation of the McDonald's restaurant, which according to Chicago magazine is expected to serve as the basis for McDonald's future designs. locations and renovations of stores throughout the country.

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