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Even Huawei propagandists attacking Apple over Trump ban tweet from the iPhone

Both Apple and Huawei are embroiled in the US-China trade war because tensions have increased in recent weeks. A "Apple Boycott" movement has gained strength in China, and many in the country praise local tech giant Huawei, while Trump has banned the company's products. The latest example is a Chinese diplomat who attacked Apple on Twitter and said that Huawei "cut Apple to pieces," but that he did it from an iPhone.

As reported by Bloomberg, Zhao LijianThe deputy chief of mission at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad tweeted the following:

Break: It has just revealed why @realDonaldTrump He hated a private company in China so much that he went so far in announcing a national emergency. Look at the Huawei logo. APPLE has been cut into pieces …

The Huawei logo with the appearance of a cut apple is not a new joke, since others have been using it during Apple's recent boycott, but as noted in the first response to his tweet, the most notable part and Funny is that Lijian shared the tweet from an iPhone. We have seen some big fools like Samsung promote the Galaxy Note 9 from an iPhone and the same Huawei doing the same with a New Year tweet, but this last example can take the cake for the most humorous mistake when the politician tried to shade . Apple while using your device.

As for the performance of companies in the last quarter, the estimates put Huawei in an impressive 50% growth in shipments of smart phones for the period YoY, while the rest of the industry and Apple recorded a significant decline. Even so, Apple's overall business generated more than twice the revenue that Huawei earned for the March quarter with $ 58 billion compared to approximately $ 25 billion for Huawei.

If the current blacklist of Huawei in the United States continues, the company will certainly have a tough battle in the future. The Chinese company can not import EE components. UU Like the Qualcomm chips and you even have to switch to your own operating system, since Google has to interrupt your relationship and withdraw Android licenses from Huawei.

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