Even Ellen DeGeneres’ famous friends couldn’t help her on her show

From now on, celebrities accused of treating people badly should learn an important lesson from the Ellen DeGeneres situation: getting your celebrity friends to speak for you might not help and could make things worse.

Like DeGeneres, the self-described “be nice” returned for season 18 of her show, needed to combat allegations that she was truly a “bad” person and tolerated the hostile work environment of her show. For the season premiere in September, he publicly apologized to “affected people” and spoke about “lessons learned.”

Viewers tuned in to see how DeGeneres would address the allegations, but then tune out, according to the New York Times. The once robust “Ellen DeGeneres Show” has lost more than 1 million viewers since September, according to research firm Nielsen. The show has averaged just 1.5 million viewers in the past six months, up from 2.6 million in the same period last year.

The Times said the decline came at a time when workplace behavior in Hollywood and elsewhere has come under intense scrutiny against a backdrop of protest and social change. The DeGeneres situation shows that no one is immune from scrutiny, including DeGeneres, who was at the forefront of social change in the 1990s when he announced he was gay while starring in a primetime sitcom, the Times added.

“Observers believe the allegations may have weakened DeGeneres’ relationship with his audience,” reported the New York Times. “The host built her show as an oasis from the outside world, a place for silly dancing, light jokes, cash gifts for shocked audience members and high-voltage celebrity guests.”

Some of those high-voltage guests reached out to vouch for DeGeneres’ character ahead of the season premiere, in an obvious public relations tactic to rehabilitate his reputation and his show’s connection to his fans.

Katy Perry, Diane Keaton, Ashton Kutcher, Jay Leno, Kevin Hart and Kris Jenner took to social media to say “I’m with Ellen” or to praise her for being kind, honest and brave.

But many people on social media were unmoved by the celebrity endorsements. In another possible sign of the changing times, they were overwhelmingly upset that celebrities thought anyone would be moved by testimonials from famous people about how kind DeGeneres was. they.

The endorsements probably also served to remind the public of the allegations against DeGeneres. When people on social media denounced the “privilege” of celebrities, they shared news reports on how several current and former employees told reporters that DeGeneres oversaw a program that was plagued with sexual misconduct, racist incidents, and degrading treatment of employees, even during COVID. 19 pandemic. These accusations had gained traction over the summer due to rumors that DeGeneres is not really the kind and generous person that his “be nice” facade would make people believe.

Katy Perry got some particularly angry responses after she tried to defend DeGeneres by tweeting about her “positive takeaways” from her time on “Ellen.”

“You have only had positive conclusions because you are one of the most important artists on the planet Katy. That’s why,” tweeted one person, whose comment received more than 7,000 likes.

“Because you are a rich white woman with a strong influence, she is nice,” said another much loved. Cheep. “I love you, but the fight is not about you. It is about the mistreatment faced by workers who are barely paid. Please get out of the ‘she’s nice to me so I couldn’t have’ mentality. “

“Girl, I’m so sorry, but a white woman supporting another white woman who is wrong… please sit down.” tweeted one third.

When Kutcher tweeted that DeGeneres and his team “have only treated me and my team with respect and kindness,” a popular answer It was, “Oh, she tries… A guest list okay? Don’t say it. “When Kutcher tried to defend himself saying That DeGeneres’s kindness was extended to people “outside” of his team, he was met with even more skepticism.

“This feels like the cops are protecting the cops,” one person said. answered. “Celebrities protecting celebrities. Either that or Ashton is very off-topic. The concern is how ELLEN staff descending from HER are treated. Of course, any member of her personal team would be treated well by Ellen’s team. “

Certainly, DeGeneres’ show faced production and other challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic that hurt audiences, the New York Times said. His rivals faced similar challenges.

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