European Union approves its second vaccine

Private payrolls decline for the first time since April

As CNBC’s Jeff Cox reported, private payrolls were contracted in December for the first time since April.

The number of jobs fell by 123,000 during the month, compared to 60,000 jobless economists who expected a sharp drop. The national jobs markets were on the Kowid-19 epidemic in the early days following widespread trade-offs.

Sara Salinas

EU approves modern vaccine

Dave Lacnath, Pharm. D., Director of Pharmacy Services, shows a bottle of Modern COVID-19 vaccine during a press conference on December 23, 2020, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Health regulators for the European Union approved Modern’s Kovid vaccine for use in 27-country blocks. It is the second such drug to be approved by the Sylvia Amaro report of the European Medicine Agency, CNBC.

Greenlight could help jumpstart Europe’s vaccine rollout, which has faced criticism for slow speeds and occasional crashes.

Modern’s vaccine was previously approved in the UK and the US, where it is currently being distributed and administered. The vaccine, similar to Pfizer, is a two-dose diet and was found to be 94% effective in clinical trials.

—Sara Salinas

The Kovid version found in South Africa is a matter of concern for experts

A new strain of virus that has emerged in South Africa is causing concern. Similar to a variant discovered in the UK in recent months, the strain that has surfaced in South Africa is proving far more contagious.

Until now, scientists do not believe the new version is more deadly either. But being over-transmitted means that more people can become infected and result in serious infections and more fatalities.

Questions are now being raised as to whether coronavirus vaccines, which developed at a breakneck pace last year, would be effective against significant mutations of the virus, such as those identified in South Africa. CNBC watches everything we know (and what we don’t know) about this new strain.

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