EU food guards approve food insects for human consumption

The Food Watchdog of the European Union said on Wednesday that the larva form of the food worm is safe for human consumption.

Photographer: Cyril Marsili / Bloomberg

The worm just moved one step closer to European food plates.

The dried yellow meatworm, the larval form of the meatworm beetle, is safe for human consumption in its entirety and as a powder additive, the European Union’s food watchdog said on Wednesday, an application now by French insect farmer EAP Group SAS – Micronutrios is referred to as Agronutris.

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The European Food Safety Authority’s opinion is a first step before authorities consider whether to approve the sale of snacks, protein bars, cookies, and other foods.

The decision is a setback for the pest-farming business, which researcher Arcluster predicts will grow 4.1 times to $ 4.1 billion globally by 2025. Pests are emerging as more permanent sources of protein, attracting records due to their low environmental impact and high nutritional value. Venture-capital financing and attracting attention from veterans Kargil Inc and Nestle SA.

“This is a clear and important milestone for the entire region,” said France co-founder Antoine Hubert Ynsect SAS, which tolerates food germs and plans to expand into sports nutrition. “There will be a snowball effect. This will enhance the ability to invest in further capacity and attract further funds to support growth. “

Funding bugs

Europe’s insect startups dominate venture-capital deals

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This is the first risk assessment of insects as a novel food by Italy’s EFSA Parma, with 14 others pending Application for bug – from wicket to grasshopper. The watchdog also said that foodborne allergens are possible, so more research is needed.

Europe is at the forefront of the insect-startup scene, identifying insects as part of it Permanent Food Agenda. EU officials have poured money into research and factories, and the block already allows fish, dogs and cats to eat insect food.

Putting insects on the dinner menu is the solution to feed the world

Feeding animals instead of humans, has shown the greatest promise. The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed expects poultry and pigs to come forward. Production of 3 million tonnes of insect protein, estimated by Europe in 2030, will go to only 10% of human food, with the rest going to animal feed, the Brussels-based lobby group estimates.

“There are more and more opportunities for the animal feed industry to work with new sustainable ingredients,” said Helen Zive, director of risk management and sourcing for Cargill’s animal-nutrition business. “Insects are really one that we strongly believe in. We are very comfortable about its nutritional quality.”

Has partnered with Kargil To InnovaFeed SAS While supplying insect protein for fish feed Archer-Daniel-Midland Company will do Hosting a huge black soldier fly farm in Illinois. The world’s largest food company Nestlé added a Pet food range made with insects.


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