EU, AstraZeneca quarrel over vaccine delivery delay

The feud between the European Union and AstraZeneca continues, as AstraZeneca has reportedly delayed the delivery of millions of vaccines that were agreed upon by both.

AstraZeneca originally agreed to deliver 80 million doses of the coronovirus vaccine to the European Union. They reduced that number to 31 million doses with the EU stating that they had less than that amount, the Associated Press Reported.

“A contract is not a contractual commitment, it is a best effort,” AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot said in an interview with an Italian newspaper. “Originally, we said that we were going to do our best, but we could not guarantee that we were going to succeed. In fact, we are slightly delayed in getting there. “

The EU was originally supposed to pay AstraZeneca 336 million euros ($ 407 million). An EU official told the Associated Press that the EU would recover some of its money if AstraZeneca did not meet its end of the deal.

The European Union on Monday also threatened to establish export controls on any coronavirus vaccine made in the European Union.

“I ask AstraZeneca to fully engage, provide complete information, and fulfill my contractual, social and moral obligations to rebuild trust,” said Stella Kyarakids, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

Kyriakides said that if AstraZeneca cannot fulfill its commitment using EU facilities, it should send some vaccines that they are making in the United Kingdom. The statement comes after Britain seceded from the EU.

AstraZeneca is not yet approved by the EU’s drug regulators, but is expected to be reviewed on Friday. Currently, only modern and Pfizer vaccines are authorized for use in the European Union.

AstraZeneca expects to deliver three billion doses of the coronovirus vaccine by the end of this year.


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