Ethiopian PM pledges ‘final and decisive’ in Tigray

Map locates the Tigray region of Eritrea and Ethiopia

Map locates the Tigray region of Eritrea and Ethiopia

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – The Prime Minister of Ethiopia says a “final and significant” military operation will begin in the coming days against the government of the country’s rebellious Northern Tigray region.

Prime Minister Abi Ahmed said in a social media post on Tuesday that the three-day deadline given to Tigre region leaders and special forces “has expired today.”

Abi, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, continues to dismiss international pleas for negotiation and de-escalation in a two-week conflict in the Horn of Africa that has spread to neighboring Eritrea and more than 25,000 nomadic Ethiopian refugees in Sudan Sent to

Concerned African neighbors, including Uganda and Kenya, are calling for a peaceful resolution, but Abi’s government has outlawed the Tigray regional government since it held a local election in September. The federal government of Tigerai Territorial Government and Abid to postpone national elections until next year due to the pandemic COVID-19, saying it was unlawful, has ended its mandate.

The federal government of Ethiopia on Tuesday confirmed carrying out new airstrikes outside the capital city of Mekele, calling them “accurate-headed and surgical” and denied the Tigre government’s claim that civilians had been killed.

Communications and transport links with the Tigray region remain almost completely cut off, making it difficult to verify claims from both sides.


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