Two mutant leaders are expanding onto Marvel’s most dangerous island

Two important leaders of the mutant race have decided to expand Krakoa’s interests to one of the most unique and dangerous locations in Marvel.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marauders # 17 by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Cory Petit, out now.

Krakoa has given the X-Men and the rest of the mutants much more autonomy and power in the world. That hasn’t cut down on the number of enemies they have to deal with, but it does mean they can get close to them in unique ways. Now, the leaders of the Marauders have just found the perfect way to expand their interests and give the X-Men a foothold in one of Marvel’s top nations.

Hellfire Trading Corporation has just taken an important first step towards establishing themselves as powerful players in Madripoor, but what does this mean for Krakoa going forward?

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Hellfire Trading Corporation has become one of the most important arms of the Krakoa society. It is through them that the mutants can share their medicines with the world, lead the mutants to a safe new home, and face enemies head-on. However, Emma Frost believes that the group needs to expand their reach and power to keep up with the world’s challenges. With Emma and Kate Pryde effectively controlling Hellfire after its attack on Sebastian Shaw, they can put their plans into motion quickly, especially when it comes to Madripoor. The small nation has been a major stage for mutants over the years, and is now under the control of Verendi, a gang of anti-mutant leaders, including former holders of the Hellfire Club moniker.

However, thanking the people who protected Lockheed after her death, Kate Pryde discovers that the Verendi are trying to clean up Madripoor’s lower city district to make room for new construction. While thanking the people who helped Lockheed after his brief death, Kate learns that the locals were driven from their homes. Instead of seeing the people they owe to be forced from their homes, Kate and Emma can get the Lowtown district. In addition to obtaining the rights to a hospital and several houses, Hellfire Trading Corporation also buys several vacant lots and airspace over the entire area, suggesting that Hellfire Trading Corporation may establish some headquarters there that could serve as a new base. of operations for them and Krakoa as a whole.

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This could give the X-Men a major new base of operations on Madripoor and a foothold on the island. Its location in the heart of the Asian continent could allow the X-Men to use it more or less as a stage for the delivery of supplies and medicine in the area. On top of everything else, Hellfire Trading Corporation did not attempt to hide its purchase behind shell companies. They bought the property loudly and proudly, implying the US government sanctioned X-Desk that the X-Men want to make it clear that they are stepping on the Verendi’s toes and intend to extend their influence through Madripoor.

Madripoor could be the perfect place for Krakoa to truly ingrain itself into human culture, further solidifying their place in the global political ecosystem and giving them an edge over their competition. It also sets up the X-Men to take a vested interest in a location that they have a lot of experience with thanks to the likes of Wolverine. With figures like M and Angel rebuilding X-Corp, it could even help further expand the interests of Krakoa’s power players.

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