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There were demonstrations in many villages.

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November 26,2018

The demonstrations took place in nine cities of the regional state of Tigray, north of Ethiopia, yesterday. The media affiliated with the Ethiopian state reported that the cities of Adwa, Aksum, Adi Sheho, Alamata, Mehoni, Setite Humera, Abiyu Adi and Raya saw demonstrations demanding "respect for the constitution".

Protesters have also opposed the identity questions in Wolkait and Raya, stating that "identity questions are not the agenda of people in Wolkait and Raya" because they consider it to be part of Tigray.

On the other hand, many Ethiopian activists understood that they have criticized what they call "repression against former corrupt officials".

The demonstrations came weeks after the Ethiopian government arrested former METEC director Kinfe Dagnaw and his brother Isayas Daganaw in connection with the alleged corruption.

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