There is a pain and you have to pass: Sonali Bendre has been getting cancer break

Sonali Bendre

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As soon as news from an old actress, Sonali Bendre, is there, suffering from cancer on the internet, fans were trapped with great and good wishes for the startup of the internet. Sonali was getting cured in the US for months, and because of chemotherapy, she lost her hair. Although in the US, many Bollywood experts spent a while and visited their actress. Although the idea has been suffering from cancer and # 39; giving us a talent, Sonali's exciting roles on social media have been a new inspiration and bravery.

His actress was recently revealed by Conclove India Today 2019, in Delhi and she spoke about her breast cancer. Sheall showed that she wanted to control her story of life as she wanted and so she shared her cancer with people on social media. His actress was described as saying, "I wanted to be a taxer originally told me. When you are a public, there are so many stories that he is out there And suddenly you'll get rid of that statement very quickly. It will be a completely different thing. "

"Every time I've been thinking about why I'm not positive? And then you'll feel & do I do something wrong? & # 39. But there is pain and what you can do about it. "You have to go through that pain. And that's why I wanted to find out there's a pain and it's hard. The aim is to minimize that time as at least and extend it as long as possible; as you can, "said the actor.

Recently in a DNA report, his actress sent his / her; she blamed her for her illness and began to convince her to be the one who brought her. It was reported as she said, "Everyone said," Your way of life has never been like that. How did he meet you? "I thought I was doing something wrong and I did it. I went psychiatric in New York. I did not like, I do not understand What's happening to me. I have a lot of positive ideas. Am I a wonderful feeling? Do I have any negative thoughts now and I'm buried so deeply in my console I do not understand it? I needed to understand what was happening to me. "

At the same time, his final actress appeared on the small show on the real show Dramebaaz of the best India.

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