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The first defeat of the season exposes the weaknesses of Chelsea under Sarri

He took a terrible 90-minute performance to expose the growing list of deficiencies in the Chelsea team that his coach had prevented for much of the season.

Chelsea was lucky to leave Wembley Stadium with only a 3-1 loss to Tottenham on Saturday. The Tottenham players were so rampant and dominant that the margin of victory could have been five or six goals.

Some will try to put this result in perspective, arguing that it was Chelsea's first defeat in 19 games this season and that an away game against Tottenham, a team that has had its best start in a Premier League campaign, will be one of the most difficult. season.

However, if you look more closely, there are a lot of problems that worry the Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri, who acknowledged that "a problem is evident."

The biggest one could be that the opponents seem to have discovered that midfielder Jorginho, who is chaining to the depths, goes a long way to chaining Chelsea. An off-season arrival in Naples, Jorginho dictates the way the team plays with its relentless distribution and is Sarri's brain in the field.

Dele Alli rampaged through Jorginho on Saturday, forcing errors out of Italy's international and took him to hit Alli just before halftime. Everton did the same in a 0-0 draw at Chelsea in the last round of games before the international break, with forward Richarlison retreating to suppress Jorginho, who ended up being signed by an unpleasant scissor against Gylfi Sigurdsson.

The fact that nullifying Jorginho is so effective naturally changes the focus to N & # 39; Golo Kante, a player widely considered to be the best midfielder presenter in the world but who no longer plays in that position for Chelsea.

Now he plays in a more advanced role ahead of Jorginho, who hardly gets the best of international France. He was anonymous against Tottenham, without offering any threat of attack since the game overcame him. It seems that Kante's skills are being wasted by Sarri.

Meanwhile, taking Jorginho out of the game means there is less protection for the four Chelsea players. David Luiz, a center ball game center, had an easy run this season with Jorginho sitting in front of him, but he and his central defender Antonio Rudiger were exposed to Tottenham.

Luiz's defender may be lazy at times and the way he turned his back on Harry Kane when the striker fired a long-range shot for Tottenham's second goal would have displeased Chelsea fans who have seen the recently retired John Terry put his body on the line, often for the cause of the team.

With left-back Marcos Alonso being very attacking for his band, there is a danger that the Chelsea defense can be overcome.

Up front, Sarri continues to switch between Olivier Giroud and Álvaro Morata as the team's only striker, but none of the players seems convincing. Giroud seems to get the best out of Hazard, but he does not score enough, with his last consolation at Wembley his first goal of the season in the Premier League.

Morata offers a greater threat of goal, but it is inconsistent, since Sarri said recently that the Spanish forward is "fragile from a mental point of view".

That means there is a dependence on Hazard to make the Chelsea attack click. Although he started the season with 10 goals in his first 12 games for the club and the country, he has not scored since October 7 and the burden of leading the team may be starting to overwhelm him.

Chelsea was overtaken by Tottenham in the standings and is now only one point ahead of Arsenal, which ranks fifth, with Manchester City visiting Stamford Bridge early next month.

The honeymoon period under Sarri lasted three months. Now he faces his first real test as Chelsea coach.

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