Star Wars: The Lost Twenty Jedi Masters, Explained

A deleted scene from Star Wars reveals an enigmatic group of Jedi known as the Lost Twenty. We discuss them below.

the Star Wars The prequels have several deleted scenes and moments that have become legendary, but few are as cryptic as one of Attack of the clones. He mocked the Lost Twenty, Jedi who wandered away from the Order, the most prominent being Count Dooku.

Appropriately titled “The Lost Twenty”, the deleted scene shows Obi-Wan speaking with Jocasta Nu, a Jedi Temple librarian, who compares Dooku to Qui-Gon Jin, because each was “out of step with the council.” However, Lost Twenty is more than that.

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Are the twenty canons lost?

With the existence of Lost Twenty set to a deleted scene, the question remains whether this material is canon. While Count Dooku left the Jedi Order after the death of his Padawan, Qui-Gon Jin, the rest of the Twenty’s existence is less set in stone. However, there is modern canon material that supports its existence.

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The Official Guide of 2015 Star Wars: Absolutely everything you need to know, by Adam Bray, introduced the Lost Twenty into canon, and their busts in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant have appeared in nearly a dozen canonical works.

Throughout the centuries of the Jedi Order’s existence, these members peacefully disowned the Jedi for their own reasons. Dooku was merely the latter, although it seems that Qui-Gon Jin might have aligned himself more philosophically with the Lost Twenty than the Jedi Order, as seen by his tendency to subvert and ignore orders.

Yet even with all that, we know little about who was among the Lost Twenty other than Dooku, or why most of them left the Order. But with Star Wars: The High Republic High Republic in full swing, there is a chance that we may learn more about the Lost.

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Canon of the twenty lost in legends

While the information surrounding the Lost Twenty is still sparse, even Star Wars Legend reveals that many of these enigmatic and disillusioned Jedi fell to the Dark Side.

The first was Master Phanius, who left the Order in 2000 BBY because the Jedi refused to teach Dark Side techniques. Phanius later returned as Darth Ruin and took 50 Jedi with him during the Fourth Great Schism. He was eventually killed by his own followers, but not before beginning the New Sith Wars, a series of events that ultimately led to the rise of Darth Bane and the Rule of Two.

By 990 BBY, 12 Jedi had left the Order, though who these defectors were is unknown. Finally, Dooku became the 20th to leave. Anakin Skywalker considered himself an unofficial 21st member, because he was ultimately the last Jedi to leave the Order. However, only Jedi Masters were counted among the Lost Twenty, and Anakin, despite being on the council, never reached the rank of Master.

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