Publishing US 4-Ethiopia Justice Project at Iris Tadias

Justice $ 4m project launched by US-Ethiopia

(Photo courtesy: US Embassy in Ethiopia)

Press Release

US Embassy in Ethiopia

The USA and Ethiopia will launch a new $ 4 Million Project to Improve the Rule of Law Centers t

Today, the USA unveiled the campaign to launch its new project, $ 4 million, Feteh, to support the strengthening of independent regulation of law in Ethiopia. Feteh (meaning “justice” in Amharas) is funded by the United States Development Agency (USAID) and provides technical support to the Attorney General's Office and endeavors. High Court to build independent, independent decision-making.

The Feteh USAID project will consolidate the full potential of directors and organizations of the Attorney General's Office (AGO), and provide technical support to AGO's advice and administration council for the ongoing statutory initiatives. The project will also support the Federal Court of Ethiopia in its efforts to strengthen commercial benches, review meaningful laws including the Law on Judicial Administration and the Law t on federal courts – and developing the management of case streams to improve efficiency.

President of the High Court Meaza Ashenafi joined Deputy Governor USAID Bonnie Glick and Ambassador Michael Raynor to announce the new collaboration at a major launch in the capital city.

“Today we are opening a new chapter in our partnership. The United States is committed to investing in the capacity of the Ethiopia legal centers to achieve their aims of ensuring free and fair elections, promoting human rights, citizens' communication, and greater representation, ”said Assistant Administrator. GAID USAID.

The USA has invested around $ 4 billion in humanitarian development and aid in Ethiopia over the last five years to allow people across the country to live healthier and more prosperous lives.

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