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Nintendo sold almost 20 million switching units: what it needs to do for the next 20 million

The Nintendo Switch has sold almost 20 million units worldwide. However, Nintendo needs to think about the future of the console beyond "Pokémon" and "Smash Bros. Ultimate". ( Drew Angerer | Getty Images )

The Nintendo switch, less than two years old, has managed to sell almost 20 million units, according to the company's latest sales report.

The Switch, launched in March 2017, sold 1.88 million units between April and the end of June, bringing the total to 19.67 million units sold. Software sales totaled 17.96 million units in the same period.

Despite the encouraging numbers, this represents a 4.4 percent drop in console sales year after year, but an increase of 120.8 percent in software, on the other hand.

Digital sales, including digital versions of games and additional content, totaled JPY 18.5 billion, or about $ 166 million, representing an increase of 8 percent compared to the same period last year .

Nintendo Labo, the company itself cardboard games, has sold 1.39 million units so far. Nintendo also recently announced a new vehicle kit that includes accessories to control a car, an airplane and a submarine.

The powerful performance of the switch has allowed Nintendo to record an operating profit of JPY 30.5 billion, or about $ 274 million, and an income of JPY $ 168 billion, or approximately $ 1.5 billion.

The complete financial report is available on the Nintendo website.

What it would take for the next 20 million switching units

So far, 2018 has been a pretty weak year for the Nintendo Switch games, but that's understandable. The company is still preparing for a lot of great releases later this year, including two of its biggest Switch games to date: Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon: Let & # 39; s Go, Eevee! And Let's Go, Pikachu!

Ultimate is shaping up as the largest entry in all Smash Bros. franchise to date, not only because it presents virtually all the characters that have previously appeared in the series, but also that it is on the switch. It means that players can play a Smash Bros. title in HD when and where they want, something that has never been possible in the entire history of the series.

The two Pokémon games, on the other hand, will present the franchise to a new generation of players. Many of them will presumably come from the old-time madness of Pokémon GO .

Sure, many are already criticizing the two games for being too easy, but that's fair for the course considering Nintendo, The Pokémon. The company and Game Freak want the game to attract new players as much as possible. Veteran players do not have to worry, since a core game Pokémon is on the horizon, which brings up the subject of the next 20 million Switch units.

The key to the success of the Nintendo switch [19659010] Pokémon is a systems marketer, or in other words, it is a game that can significantly increase hardware sales. He did it for the Nintendo 3DS several years ago, first with X and and then with Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire and then with Sol and Luna plus its sequels, Ultra Sol and Ultra Luna .

After Mario and Zelda Pokémon is probably the most suitable franchise for Nintendo to date. That means that a lot is riding in this upcoming Pokémon RPG Pokémon that is scheduled to arrive next year.

Players expect great things for this release, rightly so, as it will mark the first portable HD release for the franchise. If the three companies withdraw their cards correctly, this could be the biggest game Pokémon up now.

What Nintendo needs now is how to keep the momentum after Pokémon is released . It is not possible for him to rely entirely on his own laurels to drive Switch sales. You must ensure the support of even more third-party developers to keep the Switch software library as robust and diverse as possible. In addition, you should also think of ways to improve the hardware itself.

The idea of ​​the Switch, a home console that is also a portable gaming machine, is an excellent and easy to understand concept. Unlike the Wii U, it is obvious what the switch is and what it can do, and fortunately, Nintendo has done the marketing so far.

However, Nintendo needs to evolve the console beyond that initial release. Instead of promoting the Switch as a rival console, the company must market it as a complementary machine, one that players need even if they already have Sony or Microsoft devices.

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