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I had the right to be quiet, but I can not. A report that proves to be a "science" is a abolishing the lawyer's community in the current case of The Lancet, and I'm sorry. try to select my words and my voice carefully because I'm afraid my head will fly.

The title "Death within 30 days of surgery in low and middle countries, and higher income," he is asking what; The quality of the surgery could usually be when it is based on a standard normal 30-day co-operative standard. Although subsequent death is a part of quality, it is uncertain that the same measurement although the unlucky patients may agree. The wonder and the ideas in their conclusions of the truth they are recognizing in the 3rd line of the opening paragraph are deeply scared, "there are strong postoperative death rates for just 29 countries."

In order to die after their business, they considered the number of patients who were infected; surgery, death rate after war, and the combination of sick and good patients (case mix). Their maths are in deciding these numbers for a world-wide community. Here's what they say, "total jobs are not carried out … they are not readily available … CMM (lower countries and income) does not have enough legal registry to evaluate the LMIC evaluation …; " To confirm the post-phase level they select one of the top-income countries, the UK, and then they are disposed of by head on healthcare. [1] O yes, because they did not have total mortality data but their surveys showed a higher dying in those LMIC countries, they also changed the dying up, use "ongoing sustainability."

But they probably criticized the operation they were in; damaging the funeral of their identity and philosophy for their deep mathematical options within the building – a document at least four times as far as the 2-page report. But here, the red meat, as it was, of their calculation.

"In general, our analysis states that at least 4.2 million people around the world die within 30 days of laboratory each year, with half of the deaths not happening in LMICs. We will project to enhance the embedded services to address unmet needs to increase the total death of 6.1 million per year, with 1.9 million more than in LMICs annually. Based on 4.2 million deaths, 7.7% of all deaths occur throughout the world within 30 days of attendance. This figure is larger than that caused by any other cause of death all over the world due to ischemic heart disease and stroke. More people will die within 30 days of the laboratory than the 2.97 million deaths identified for HIV, malaria and spend annually. " (additional weight)

That final statistics is awful; but you have noticed that any word about a life system is saving. The aim is that 143 million surgeons would not have to be able to access them now. So, what about brainbrowing and at least say that, although there is an increase in deaths, we would have helped the 137 million others.

They "return" the words, again deep in the supplementary devices with this emergency statement,

"… we are not trying to make reasons for patients who get surgery and die within 30 days. Some deaths postoperative can be totally unrelated to the work of the patient, for example, deaths that cause adverse effects. For some patients, a functional dying represents a failure to surgery as a medical strategy; for example, a patient that is out-of-law despite trying to try to break aortic airtic. "

The largest number of blocked deaths is unknown, we do not know those from surgical problems. This article does not provide light and it is not & # 39; Attend only a shadow, which introduces special physicians that "do not allow their skin to get together and a problem." all surgeons know that it is in much more personalized way than this report.

Compatible mathematical leave, the purpose of putting pressure on the deaths and the saved life is not to be done; attracting his eyes. Let me finish another result from the Lancet [2]

"Our best interests are expressed in the content that we publish rather than in any statement of mission that is determined by a regulatory course context."

Is this report true for your interest?

[1] The UK total death rate for 14 experts 1.09% – around 38,000 from 3.4 million.

[2] Lancet Editor "Goodbye to all of that"

Source: Deaths within 30 days of surgery in low, medium and higher income The Lancet DOI: 10.1016 / S0140-6736 (18) 33139-8

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