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Fortnite launch for Android WARNING: Great download news before the mobile launch | Game | Entertainment

After being mocked for a long time this year, it looks like Fortnite on Mobile will soon expand to a new platform.

It will be good news for Epic Games, which have seen their hand-force-to-force port pass only on iOS.

It was recently revealed that the mobile port could have earned as much as $ 2 million per day for the first 10 days of season 5.

This would support other data that mobile players may have suggested up to $ 150 million in Fortnite purchases.

That's keeping in mind that Epic Games released its Battle Royale game on iOS alone, in March, through a limited invitation-only system.

Then, the next step for the development team will be announced the release date of Fortnite Android.

But while this news may fall later in August, it may come with some new shock details

According to the latest reports, Fortnite on Android could launch away from the Google Play Store.

The evidence is mount that the epic games will look for players to download the game directly from their servers, rather than through the Google Store.

The source code found on the official site and in javascript seems to suggest that players will need to provide security permissions to the game so that it can be installed on Android phones.

Everything points to Epic Games avoiding the Google Play Store in favor of its installation, which will surely come with its own pros and cons.

Epic games will be able to avoid splitting profits with Play Store, keeping a large amount of whatever you do.

However, skipping the Play Store option will mean a more complicated installation process for fans.

This could affect the numbers of the players. , with Android, the largest platform currently available on mobile devices.

It should be noted that, while the current evidence suggests that this is what Epic Games plans to do, it does not mean that it has been confirmed and speculation remains at this time. oint.

Nothing has been announced yet on the subject, although fans do not have to wait long to get answers.

A new report this week suggests that the Android port of the successful game Battle Royale will be launched first on an exclusive device.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, followed by a full release later that month.

So fans could know very soon if these latest rumors and reports revolve around the true Android version.

According to reports, Fortnite will be available as a timed exclusive for 30 days in Note 9, a new and interesting tactic to try to increase sales.

The good news is that a small number of Fortnite fans could be playing the Android port very soon.

However, the bad news for everyone else is that the launch of Fortnite Android may not reach other devices until the end of September.

The report follows the news of the Android gaming files that are in the latest version of Fortni te, which was released earlier this month.

The names of the files were tagged as Android_Engine, Android_Game and Android_RuntimeOptions.

What is also interesting is that these files are also labeled with a & # 39; release 5.0 & # 39;

with the idea that a launch of Fortnite for Android will occur during season 5 of the game.

Epic Games has said in the past that they expect to launch Fortnite on Android devices during the summer of 2018.

That technically gives them until September 23. , a date that has now been attached as the time when the full release could take place.

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