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Facilis installs shared storage for state television in Addis Ababa | Infrastructure | News

Facilis has installed a multi-user shared storage system within a broadcast production facility in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  Addis 9 March 2018 One of the most advanced transmission facilities in the region, Facilis has supplied a TerraBlock 24EX / 16 64TB shared storage system for the Ethiopian regional broadcaster, Addis Ababa State TV ( also known as Addis Ababa City Government Mass Media Agency). Throughout the project, Facilis collaborated closely with local channel partner Onset Media Systems.

The Media Agency of the Government of the City of Addis Ababa is known as "the voice of the city", operating the Addis Lisan magazine and the Metropolitan Journal together with its TV station. It transmits a mix of news, news and entertainment programs by satellite and digital terrestrial transmissions. To improve its digital broadcasting resources, Addis Ababa State TV appointed Onset Media Systems to design, build and commission a new digital workflow.

Onset Media Systems has placed the shared Facilis storage at the heart of a new digital workflow that supports all of the company's TV and radio production operations. The Facilis storage system was launched in September and the new digital workflow will be launched in the coming months.

The Facilis TerraBlock storage system offers a combination of Ethernet connectivity (10 Gb) plus Fiber Channel (8 Gb). This advanced multi-user shared storage system supports a network of nearly 100 publishers and other creative production executives at the TV production headquarters in Addis Ababa.

"In Africa, we face a different set of challenges, both physical and economic, that you will encounter in Europe or North America," said Jody Dresner, MD, a commercial at Onset Media Systems. "Facilis TerraBlock is a reliable and proven storage platform that offers advanced capabilities with associated investment costs that are affordable for our customers: it is a true mutually beneficial scenario"

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