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Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday 2018: the best deals on laptops in the United Kingdom, from MacBooks to Chromebooks

If a new laptop is on your wish list, you're in luck because Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offer some of the best deals of the year.

Traditionally, the main street was the place to take advantage of their offers, but now you can get the biggest and best discounts online.

If you are not sure what type of laptop to invest in, The Independent & # 39; s Dave Phelan has explained the main differences below to help you choose the right one for you.

Here, we will constantly update the best deals on laptops during the Black Friday weekend.

The five pages of Cyber ​​Monday for laptop retailers:

Here is our summary of the best notebook offers.


Asus VivoBook, 15.6in, Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM + 16GB Intel Optane memory, 1TB – was £ 599.99, now from £ 499.99 Buy now from Amazon

The Dell Inspiron 15-5570 laptop, Intel Core i5, 4GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD + 16GB of Intel Optane memory, 15.6 "Full HD, silver – was £ 599.95, now from £ 449.95 Buy now from John Lewis

HP 15.6 "Intel i3 1TB HDD Laptop – had £ 549, now £ 329 Buy now from Currys

HP 15.6 ", i7 8GB 1TB 128GB FHD Laptop – was £ 699.99, now from £ 599.99 Buy now from Argos

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop 15.6 "Intel i3 1TB HDD: £ 519, now £ 279 Buy now from Currys


Acer Chromebook 14 "Intel Celeron N3060, 2GB of RAM, 32GB – it was £ 229.99, now £ 190.89 Buy now from Amazon

Google Pixelbook 12.3 "Intel i5, Chromebook 2 in 1, 128GB – was £ 999, now £ 699 Buy now from Currys

Google Pixelbook 12.3 "Intel i5, 8GB RAM, Chromebook, 256GB – it was £ 1,199, now £ 899 Buy now from John Lewis

HP Chromebook 14 "Intel Celeron Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 32GB – it was £ 229.99, now £ 179 Buy now from Amazon


Intel Core i5 processor from Apple MacBook Air 13 ", 8GB RAM 128GB – was £ 949, now from £ 779 Buy now from Very

Apple MacBook Air 13.3 "Intel i5 8GB 256 (2017) – was £ 1,049, now £ 899 Buy now from Currys

Apple MacBook Pro 13 "Touch i5 8GB 256GB (2018) – was £ 1,749 now £ 1,649 Buy now from Argos

Intel® MacBook Pro 13 "Intel Core i5 with optional MS Office 365 Home: £ 1,249, now £ 1,199 Buy now from Very

Apple MacBook Pro 15 "Touch Bar, Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (2018): £ 2,699 now £ 2,599 Buy now from John Lewis


Acer Predator Helios 300 15.6 "Intel® Core ™ i5 GTX 1050 Ti Gaming Laptop – 1 TB HDD and 128 GB SSD – cost £ 999.99, now £ 749 Buy now from Currys

Asus 15.6 "Full HD Gaming Laptop – was £ 899.99, now £ 849.99 Buy now from Amazon

HP Pavilion Intel Core i5 GeForce GTX 1050 gaming laptop – it was £ 779, now £ 679 Buy now from John Lewis

HP Omen 15.6 "gaming notebook – low price: before £ 879.99 now £ 739.99 Buy now from Argos

2 in 1

Asus touch screen Chromebook Flip – was £ 349.99, now £ 199 Buy now from Amazon

HP Pavilion 14 "Intel i3 2-in-1, 128 GB SSD: it was £ 599, now £ 445 Buy now from Currys

HP Pavilion 14 "Intel Pentium Gold 2 in 1, 1TB: it was £ 549.99, now £ 449 Buy now from Currys

Google Pixelbook 12.3 "Intel i5 2 in 1 Chromebook 128 GB – was £ 999, now £ 699 Buy now from Currys

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i7, PixelSense screen – it was £ 1,999.95, now £ 1,799 Buy now from John Lewis


The new Fire HD 8 tablet with Alexa, 8 ", 16GB – was £ 79.99, now from £ 49.99 Buy now from Amazon

Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB – it was £ 399, now £ 289 Buy now from Currys

Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) – it was £ 319, now £ 299 Buy now from John Lewis

Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7 ", 8GB – was £ 49.99, now £ 29.99 Buy now from Amazon

Fire Tablet with Alexa 10 ", 32GB – was £ 149.99, now £ 99.99 Buy now from Amazon

The Fire Edition for children 10 "and 32 GB – was £ 199.99, now from £ 149.99 Buy now from Amazon

The Huawei MediaPad T3 10 "Tablet: cost £ 129.99, now £ 98.99 Buy now from Amazon

The Huawei Mediapad M5 10 "tablet: £ 349.99, now £ 258.99 Buy now from Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 12.3-inch tablet, Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 256GB – was £ 1,299, now £ 1,068 – Buy now from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 "- was £ 229, now £ 159 Buy now from Very

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 "tablet, the LiveSafe Premium 2019 package and the Folio case – went from £ 278.98, now from £ 149 Buy now from Currys

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 "8GB WiFi Tablet – White – cost £ 139, now £ 99 – Buy now from AO

Types of laptop and operating systems.

The easiest way to start thinking about the type of laptop you want is to choose an operating system. If you want macOS, the most intuitive and elegant software system, you can only choose an Apple machine. The widest range of programs and applications is available on Windows laptops, so if you need a program that is only available on Windows, that's the choice you choose.

And if you only need the laptop for word processing, web browsing, etc., you may be able to manage a Chromebook. Here, we explain the main types in more detail.


These are the most used computers, by far, thanks to the enormous variety of applications and the most familiar interface. The latest version, Windows 10, combines the traditional PC style (a desktop with program folders) with a tablet-like appearance of application icons organized in a grid. It also works with hybrid laptops where the screen separates or folds on itself to function as a tablet.

Windows machines are available with or without a touch screen, so it can be a consideration. Microsoft makes the software and, more recently, has also created a small but excellent range of hardware: the Surface series.


The operating system of Google is ingenious and simple. Originally, it was designed to work only when your laptop was connected to the Internet. The premise was that all heavy processing would be done in the cloud, so there was no need for a powerful chip in the laptop, which greatly reduced costs. But the Achilles heel was that the offline hardware was very limited.

Now, however, the main programs (the email software, documents, spreadsheets and Google presentations) also work to a large extent when you're not connected. Some Chromebooks also work with Android applications. Google makes its own Chromebook called Pixel.


Apple manufactures hardware and software for their computers, resulting in an integrated system that works perfectly. The MacBook Air changed the rules of the game: a laptop so thin and light that it was revealed for the first time when the then CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, took it out of an envelope.

The range is small: in addition to the Air, there is the MacBook and the powerful MacBook Pro, which has great innovations like the Touch Bar. This is where the top row of function keys is replaced by a narrow touch screen where the buttons Virtual changes according to what you are doing.

The Pro range is far from cheap, he says. There are no MacBooks with a touch screen, nor any with a slot for a SIM card for continuous Internet access.

Characteristics of the laptop

It is also important to be aware of a number of relevant features when buying, including screen size and weight, purpose, power, memory, graphics and battery life.

For example, if you plan to carry this laptop with you, a lighter and smaller laptop is best. Likewise, players will want to invest in an option that comes with top-notch graphics, while those who work on the move will appreciate longer battery life.

Size Matters

Choosing what size of laptop to use should be one of the first things you consider, and all this depends on what you will use it for. The sizes of laptops vary from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches, but the most common measurements you'll see are 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. If you are looking for something really light, opt for a laptop that weighs less than 2 kg.

Smaller laptops (11 to 13 inches) are lighter to transport and are an excellent choice if you want to travel a lot with your laptop, but they can offer less storage space and smaller batteries, so be careful.

Medium-sized machines (14 to 15 inches) are good for work at home, casual games, battery life and more storage space. Larger 17-inch screens are ideal for desktop replacements, but are much harder to transport.

Screen quality

Because most of us will be working on our new purchase or enjoying Netflix at night, the type of screen is an important factor to consider when choosing your new laptop. Bright screens produce reflections that you do not want if you are playing, editing images or watching a large amount of video content. Touchscreen laptops usually have a glossy finish, so you'll have to weigh the pros and cons of both if you're in the market for touch function.

If you want to see several elements at once, choose the Full HD resolution: 1920×1080-pixels. Players should be aware of the frequency of update on laptop screens, since nobody wants to lose their competitive advantage with the delay of the screen. The 4K resolution is available but it is an extremely expensive feature. However, it is ideal for videographers or photographers. A screen with IPS (switching in the plane) will offer the widest viewing angles.


The main factors to consider when considering the performance of a new laptop are the processor, storage and graphics. You will see that the processors are called CPUs in the specifications of laptops, most of them will be made by Intel, the main types are i3, i5 and i7. Core i3-based laptops tend to appear on entry-level systems that are ideal for simple tasks such as creating Word documents and surfing the Internet, i5 tends to be the standard option for decent performance, while i7 is the best performance option. Most people do not need the power that an i7 machine offers, unless you are a guru of the game.

The more RAM your machine has, the more applications you can run without problems at the same time. You can also quickly access more data, which is good for video editors. When choosing the amount, opt for at least 8GB. Players will want to increase up to 32 GB for an optimal experience.

Nowadays, laptops usually have integrated graphics in the CPU, which are suitable for casual games, but not for anything else. Avid gamers must opt ​​for a GPU, a graphics unit separate from their processor.

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