Can we count on one-person and bilingual mode in Apex Legends? [UPDATE!]

The game did not get out, its & # 39; community already waiting for its & # 39; the first big earth!

The royale batal reform is officially available on main platforms. At this time, the three-team team, with a total of 60 players, is the only way to play and fight for his / her. last talent.

Apex Legends was released on Monday in a large series, and has previously decided on BR recordings.

10 million players in 3 days? So far, Apex Legends is on every record

Unfortunately, many players cause playing directly in 3 teams at the moment. Rarely it happens that the game will start without a third, and sometimes the second is not with them, but this is just a collaboration.

Although official certainty has not yet been done, Vince Zampella, leader of the Renewal team, commented briefly. Explore a player on Twitter, and offer a contribution for its & # 39; single-person model in Apex. Vince responded to a loose response:

Can we ask for any cookies?

Respawn seems to try out situations that may be, even trying to throw a titanium into the game. We can pull from here that the reason for what is included may be.

Indeed, it is also possible for developers to change their minds on a community opinion base and add "new" methods.

Of course, this is the biggest change now needed, so we can make sure that Respawn discusses the change at least.


This is an unofficial information, with clear reference to game files:

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