Call My Agent: Stay Informed with the Blockbuster French Drama | Television comedy

Celebs might have failed in 2020 (see: Gal Gadot’s Imagine, Kim K’s Island Party, All Influencers Everywhere) but the return to Netflix of the French comedy Call My Agent! You must ensure that your reputation improves in 2021.

Following the antics of a fictional Parisian talent agency, the acclaimed comedy-drama is packed with stars who knowingly play themselves. Here are five reasons to tune in …


Featuring a List To List address book (that of former agent and co-creator Dominique Besnehard), each episode of Call My Agent! features a famous person raising herself in credible ways: Juliette Binoche flailing on the Cannes stage with folded ostrich feathers; Isabelle Huppert loses her voice from superhuman overwork; the great lady Béatrice Dalle goes to war for gratuitous nudity. How will Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jean Reno and Sigourney Weaver become shows in season four?

The drama

The stars may bring their fair share (tax evasion, marriage disputes, existential crises), but it is the agents who clean up the mess that shine. Take the scene in the pilot when a beleaguered aide inadvertently hangs up one of the agency’s biggest clients, and his boss erupts in a volley of “Oh putain, putain, putain,” like the famous “Fuck” scene from The Wire. , but delightfully devoid of composure.

Camille Cottin with Jean Reno in Season 4 of Call My Agent.
Representing … Camille Cottin with Jean Reno in Season 4 of Call My Agent. Photography: Christophe Brachet

The humiliations

Call my agent! it is nothing if not malicious. Watch Andréa rage at 87-year-old Nouvelle Vague icon Françoise Fabian for being short: “No, but seriously, at what age do these tantrums end?” Or Fabian’s response when the agency director dies after swallowing a wasp: “It just goes to show, you can have an elegant life and a shitty death.”

The style

It’s in the opening credits: An actress slips from a Marie Antoinette-style wardrobe to skinny jeans and Converse to an LBD on the red carpet. And it’s in the wardrobes of agents as well as their clients – witness the show’s rising star Camille Cottin as Andréa, dressed in red stiletto boots and a rumpled shirt. Are you glamorous for a big premiere? No, she’s on maternity leave.


For an industry that is not given to self-deprecation, Call My Agent! the cinemas bring the show to greatness. For example, an author spitting, “A script is there to be destroyed,” while throwing it at the crew. Then there’s François Hollande’s partner Julie Gayet and rapper JoeyStarr, hitting the road as a period literally burns down around them, but no one yells “cut” because the picture is so beautiful. And, to be fair, it is.

Call My Agent! Season 4 starts Thursday January 21 on Netflix

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