Essential’s AMA sheds light on second-generation phone updates, portrait and Oreo mode, more


This morning, came the news that Andy Rubin, founder of Essential, would be taking a personal license from the company after a report about the misconduct while he was on Google. Despite this news, Essential continued with its biweekly Reddit AMA and announced several new updates for the phone and future development …

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First, in the description of today's AMA, Essential wrote: " We see there are some questions about Andy given the news that he is taking a personal leave of absence, it is a business as usual here and today we have people from the engineering team to answer their technical and product questions. "Obviously, the company knew that he was going to have to address the problem that currently revolves around his founder.

Secondly, there was a good number of people asking about Rubin, how long he would leave and if the company would continue to support the phone. Essential gave the following answer:

We will continually support the PH-1 device, which includes security patches, more camera features and additional company support throughout the life cycle of the PH-1 device. We still have a lot of work, continuous launch milestones in the roadmap and new features that we want to offer thanks to the excellent comments we received in these AMA. We look forward to supporting you for a long time.

Several weeks ago, Essential kept his promise to bring Oreo to the phone on November 14, and he did it by submitting a beta version installable by the user. It seems that an updated beta is just around the corner that will fix some errors.

As many are asking, our goal is to launch Oreo Beta v.2 to our website next week as an update to the existing Oreo beta compilation. General corrections in BT performance, improved battery and overall stability improvements. Stay tuned to our social networks for the official announcement.

And speaking of errors in the beta version of Oreo, Essential says it is working to solve any problem related to Android Auto.

We are aware of this problem specifically with the newer Honda. We have a potential solution in the construction that our field testing team will validate at dealers this week.

The same thing happens with some displacement nerves that some users have experienced.

As we mentioned in the last AMA, screen scrolling jitter problems that we continue to improve. You and several others have caught our attention and we have realized that we owe our followers a better solution. We are working with our suppliers in this additional aspect and committed to the internal and external resources that investigate it. Hoping to have something in the next beta to improve even more. We appreciate your patience while we solve this.

One of the most important announcements of this AMA is that Essential finally implements an update of the phone's camera application that will enable vertical mode and more.

Portrait mode comes today in a Play Store, along with improved JPEG compression + more bug fixes and stability improvements

One of the great promises of Essential when Rubin spoke for the first time about the company was an ecosystem complete of products and accessories that would work without problems together. One of these accessories is the wireless charging dock for the phone. Fortunately, it seems that it will arrive sooner rather than later.

The loading dock is on the way. The last compilation was completed, pending regulation. After that, it will be available on the website. As you know, we want to make sure that on any date we give, we will meet.



Since its launch, Essential Phone has only been available in Black Moon and Pure White, and the latter has just hit the market. Little time. According to the company, they are still working on more colors and should be available soon.

We should have stellar gray before the ocean. Stellar must be finished before the end of the year, but again, check the availability of the website

Finally, Essential spoke about the second generation phone. After a quick jab at iFixIt, the company states that it is looking for ways to make the phone easier to repair.

We are focusing on the reparability of the next generation phone. The iFixit article was a bit misleading in its approach to repair and they were strangely informed about the repair procedures, but they still tried to go through the back. We will make sure that your phone can be repaired at a reasonable and competitive price if consumables, such as batteries, need to be replaced. For example, our repair plan for damaged screens by the customer needs to be replaced.

See 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

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