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Erik Prince proposed a private espionage network to the Trump administration, according to a US official

"This idea is not going anywhere," the official said and emphasized that neither the agency nor the director of the CIA are or were considering the proposal.

The spokesman for the National Security Council, Michael Anton, told CNN that "the White House does not support and does not endorse such a proposal" and that "I can not find evidence that this calls anyone's attention at the NSC or ( White House) at all. "

The Intercept was the first to inform the proposal. A spokesman for the CIA told The Intercept: "The people who sold an agenda have provided very inaccurate information."

A spokesman for Prince denied the claims in a statement to Erin Burnett of CNN.

"The accusations made in the last Intercept article about Erik are completely false and this was made clear before the article was published All the meetings that Erik had with members of the intelligence community, current or previous , they focused on their well-publicized plan to save the American taxpayer $ 42 billion in Afghanistan, "the statement said.

"The Intercept, once again, targeted Erik using his high profile as bait to promote his own website and please the fantasies of his reporters without any care or consideration for the facts."

Prince founded Blackwater, a private defense contractor that sparked international outrage after a deadly shooting in Iraq in 2007.

Blackwater lost a $ 1 billion contract with the State Department to protect US diplomatic personnel in 2009, after the Iraqi government refused to renew the company's operating license. The company was renamed and sold later, and now operates as an Academi.

Prince was also questioned by House legislators last month for reports that he met with the head of a Russian investment fund in an apparent effort to establish a secondary channel for Russian communication. with the Trump administration, and that senior Trump officials had authorized the meeting.

While Prince testified to House lawmakers that he met with the head of a Russian investment fund earlier this year, he insisted that he was not part of an effort to establish even a Russian secondary channel with the Trump administration. , several sources told CNN.

Prince informed the House Intelligence Committee during private testimony that met in the Seychelles with Kirill Dmitriev, who is the chief executive of the State Russian Direct Investment Fund, at the request of the United Arab Emirates to discuss business opportunities. The meeting on the island in the Indian Ocean, he said, lasted approximately 20 minutes after dinner with a beer.

Prince insisted he did not have the meeting at the Trump administration's request, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

He also downplayed his ties to the Trump team, simply saying that he was a Trump donor and had met with the president only once, the sources said. CNN previously reported that Prince met with members of Trump's incoming national security team during the presidential transition, and that he boasted of his influence in Trump's orbit at the same time.

Erin Burnett, Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb and Marshall Cohen of CNN contributed to this report

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