It is unclear exactly what is happening with Safaire Samuels and Erica Mena, but both are posting mysterious messages on social media. The couple regularly show their love for each other, but Safaay shared a post where he spoke of being a virgin with a tag that wrote “divorce court”, leaving many to believe There was trouble in heaven that was left for. However, the couple are counting down some of the things allegedly set to be unveiled on Friday, and some fans feel that all this is fake hype that is on its way.

Love and hip hop The couple welcomed their first child back together in February, and while they sneezed their baby girl, Safari and Erica did not post a clear image of their daughter’s face. She recently revealed that her daughter’s name is Safire, and on Wednesday (November 4) Erica posted a photo of Baby Safire Majesty to the world.

Erica wrote in the caption, “The best part of 2020.” “My Sapphire Majesty.” Many of her famous friends commented on how adorable sapphires are, including Adrenne Houghton, Tahire Jose, Ty Young, Jessica White, Amina Budelli, Emily B, and many others. Check out Erica Mena’s mini-me below.