Eric Rosa goes to first CrossFit Games workout

Eric Rosa has no objection to getting his hands dirty. Two days before the start of the 2020 Games, the CEO of the new CrossFit completes the first event of the competition – Friendly Fran. Official workout includes 21 Propellant (85lbs for women and 115lbs for men) and 21 chest-to-bar Performed pull-ups for the time being.

The event is a remix of the original Frank, performed with the same trick, but with a rape scheme of 21–15–9 and lighter weight (65lbs for women and 95lbs for men); Traditionally, Frank is not required to pull the bar off the chest. To offset the increased count and prevent potential injury, 53-year-old Rosa opted to use 95lbs. You can watch the video here:

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“I was thinking about it a lot, actually losing some sleep. The main thing I need to keep in mind is that the workouts can be called francs, it can be a pair of thrusts and pull-ups, and it can start with 21, but this workout frank No, ”Roja says on YouTube, a video posted by CrossFit Games.

“When I think about whether I’m on the scale or not, I’m thinking about two things: what is the excitement that I’m seeing and keeping it safe as well.”

Losing weight hurt his ego, Rosa admitted, but it was probably a clever move. After all, this tough franc will have athlete log 126 reps instead of the usual 90 And with 20 extra pounds for both men and women. Rosa timed 8:43. Not too shabby for a person who manages an international organization.

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Games of the year Are different from any other. 2020 sports athletes would almost have to compete during stage one, and so CrossFit had to, in Roza’s words, “adapt to the equipment”. As a result, use more basic tools like events Barbel, Pull-up bars, jump ropes, and routers – devices that most people probably have access to. This means that almost anyone can join the action and try their hand at official game workouts.

“We have this incredibly unique sport that is just spread across all sectors of society – no matter people’s abilities, no matter where they live, no matter their socioeconomic status,” Roja says Huh. “I think it’s great that our sports workouts this year are the one thing where everyone can do them, and I really encourage you to jump in and get into this workout.”

Featured image from the CrossFit Games YouTube channel