Eric Reid: Roger Goodell Uses Colin Kaepernick’s Video for ‘Outrageous PR’ Bleacher Report

Butch Dill / Associated Press

NFL Used footage Both Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick knelt during a video played before Sunday’s game, which included a rendition of the song “Raise every voice and song “and make various shots of opposing NFL players and either standing or kneeling together.

But both Reid and Kaepernick found the symbolism hollow and outrageous.

Reid called the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday to keep Kaepernick out of the league since 2016:

Kaepernick then described the league’s anti-racism campaign as “propaganda” and called out NFL teams for not signing Reid this season:

The 2019 season recorded 28, Reed, 130 tackles (seven for a loss), four sacks, six pass defenses, a forced fumble and two fumble recoveries for the Carolina Panthers in all 16 games played. Both his tackles and sacks had high career levels.

It is hard to imagine that a player in their prime would not be signed by an NFL team after posting outstanding figures in 2019 unless there was an off-the-field reason. In this case, Kaepernick believes the reason is that Reid had previously succumbed and has been vocal in his support of Kaepernick.

Reid, in turn, believes the NFL is using Kaepernick knee images to generate positive PR in times of social unrest and protests, while it continues to keep him out of the league, ending his message altogether it happens. For Reid and Kaepernick, the league’s anti-racism campaign is merely lip service.

He is not the only person to notice a disconnect to play:

It was only three years ago that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, one of the most influential figures in the league, said Not in uncertain words, “Let me be real, real clear: everything the National Football League needs, and the Dallas Cowboys are going to do, stands for the flag. We are going to do this. It is the rules that are on the book. in my opinion.”

After hearing a message coming from the league and its owners during the height of the national debate about the decision to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racial discrimination and police brutality, it is not difficult to see why Kairnick and Reid Huh? Now skeptical of the league’s motivations.

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