Eric Garcia discusses future, talks to Lionel Messi for Manchester City rumors

Eric Garcia spoke to reporters on Tuesday about Spain duty and, unknowingly, the subject of his future.

The Manchester City defender wants to return to Barcelona and has already told the nationals that he will not renew.

Garcia did not give much away about what might happen next, but she suggested that she could see her contract at Etmad Stadium.

He said, “I told Citi that I would not renew my contract, but I still have a season with them and hope to return.”

“My goal here is to train and play as much as possible to show [with Spain] And coaches in Manchester can count on me.

“I don’t know what happens next.” I can not control. I focus on what I can control. “

The 19-year-old defender was also speculated that he had asked about the possibility of Lionel Messi going to Barcelona and given a pretty diplomatic response.

He said, “We have not talked about Messi coming to the city, but everyone would like Messi to come in his team.”

“On the Messi issue, this is something between clubs that I cannot get.

“I’m going to avoid the question of whether he would be a good signing for Citi because he is a BARSA player and I am not going to comment about it.”

Recent speculation has claimed that Barcelona has offered € 10m for Garcia but is willing to wait until next year when he will vacate. There has also been speculation that City may be ready to use Garcia to sign Lionel Messi.