Erdogan from Turkey seeks to undermine the testimony of the gold merchant linked to Flynn: report –

Erdogan from Turkey seeks to undermine the testimony of the gold merchant linked to Flynn: report


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan criticized the United States on Saturday for an investigation into whether a citizen of Turskish who lived in the United States helped the government of Turkey sanction the nation of Iran.

Reuters reports that Erdogan has launched US efforts to prosecute the gold merchant Reza Zarrab as an attempt by the Trump administration to influence the government of Turkey.

"The courts" can never judge my country, "Erdogan told the ministers on Saturday, and his comments came after Zarrab implicated top Turkish politicians, including Erdogan himself, in the plan to evade sanctions. During three days of statements

Zarrab will detail the relationship between Turkey and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, accused on Friday of lying to the FBI in the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Researchers want to know if they offered $ 15 million to Flynn to guarantee the extradition of a Turkish cleric based in the US that Erdogan suspects orchestrated a coup attempt in 2016.

Flynn announced Friday in a statement that he would plead guilty to the charge and start cooperating fully with Mueller's special investigation.

"You can fill in the gaps that the investigators The federal agencies are looking into any relationship between Erdogan and Fl and nn, "a legal expert told NBC earlier this month. "So, as long as Zarrab has some connection or knowledge of that, it's very important that they report it."

Erdogan tried to influence the case by putting pressure on the Vice President Joe Biden Joseph (Joe) Robinette BidenBiden discovered that they put on their shoes at the Denver airport The Biden Foundation inaugurates an online forum on middle clbad economy #Test stories will not end until we focus on prevention MORE to shoot at that time Attorney Preet Bharara, who at that time was overseeing the case. Biden denied the request, but Bharara was later fired by the Trump administration.

More than 150,000 Turkish citizens have lost their jobs or have been suspended following the coup attempt of 2016, and another 50,000 have been imprisoned.

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